Can SingNet Anti-spam VAS filter out all the spam emails I receive?
As there is no absolute definition of what is considered spam, SingNet's Anti-spam service may not be able to filter off 100% of all spam mails, but it should be able to filter out the most common forms of it.
Can SingNet Anti-spam VAS filter out spam from my other non-singnet emails eg Hotmail or Yahoo?
That is not possible. SingNet Anti-spam VAS can only filter out mails from your SingNet email account.
What can I do if I still receive spam mails?
You can submit a report to the SingNet Abuse team via this link: .
How do I sign up for this service?
Click Here  to sign up now! or call 1688.
What is the subscription fee for this service?
$2.14  per month (including GST).
If there are mails in my Mass Mail folder, and I terminate my Anti-Spam service, what would happen?
Your Mass Mail folder, along with any emails in it, would be deleted.
How do I terminate the service?
You can call 1688 to terminate the service.