How does this Anti-virus Service work?
Once you sign up for this service and service is activated, all the emails sent to/from your SingNet email account will be sent to Sophos PureMessage Engine to scan for known virus. The Engine will auto-repair the infected email and if it is beyond repair, the attachment will be discarded. You will receive an email notification appended to the original email message to inform you that the email is infected and if the email attachment(s) can be repaired and delivered or cannot be repaired and is discarded.
What are virus definition files and why they need to be updated regularly?
Virus definition files are essentially the instruction sets for PureMessage Engine to detect and remove viruses. Thus it is essential that these virus definition files be updated regularly to ensure that it is looking for the most current viruses.
How frequently are virus definitions updated?
Automatic updates daily.
Will the service detect all viruses?
No Anti-virus technology today, regardless system-based or client-based, is capable of catching unknown virus types. SingNet selects Sophos, an established, trusted and proven industrial-leading anti-virus technology company, to offer this service. Our service offers you the benefit of fast and trouble-free definition updates to guard against new virus types as soon as Sophos detects them.
By subscribing to this service, are all my emails therefore virus-free?

When the service is enabled on your SingNet email account, all new incoming and outgoing emails to this account are sent to Sophos’s Pure Message Engine to scan for known virus. Please note the following scenarios:

  • Encrypted emails cannot be scanned.
  • If you have emails in your mailbox, regardless whether they already “popped” / downloaded or not before you sign up for this service, they will not be scanned once the service is activated. Only new mails received at our SingNet servers after the service is activated will be scanned.
  • Emails in your email client received from other service/email providers, e.g. Pacific Internet, Hotmail, are not sent through SingNet’s service and therefore may not be virus-free. Precaution must still be taken when you access these other email accounts on your PC.
  • Emails auto-forwarded from other SingNet accounts that are not on this service. For example, subscribed to the service, while did not subscribe to the service. The latter email account has all the emails forwarded to . Please note that emails sent to are not scanned as it did not subscribe to the service. Mails are then forwarded . Although this account has the service, such internally forwarded emails are not scanned again. Thus, SingNet recommends that the user subscribes to the service for the original email account to reduce the chance of infection. Take note that SingNet emails manually forwarded and emails forwarded by the email client’s auto-forwarding function are not affected and are therefore not scanned.
If my emails are encrypted, can it be virus-protected?
If you are using email encryption with your email correspondent e.g. PGP, it is not possible to check for viruses at all since the emails (together with file attachment) are encrypted. Thus, this service CANNOT 100% guarantee you that your emails are virus-free.
Does this service also ensure that my Internet connection is virus-protected?
This service is a 1st line protection on your email account only. It does not protect your Internet connection, so other activities like web surfing, files downloading, instant messaging are not covered.
Do I still need my PC anti-virus program after subscribing to this service?
Computer viruses are on the increase and viruses spreading through emails have been the most prolific modes. Thus, this service will give you the first line of defense against computer viruses as you are protected at the system-end before the email viruses reach you. SingNet gets regular updates from Sophos to ensure that the virus definition is the most up-to-date and therefore it is hassle-free from you. Keeping your PC anti-virus program is a good back-up to protect yourself from other non email-related computer viruses.
If one of the attachments within a ZIP file attachment is infected with, what will happen to the rest of the non-infected attachments?
The whole ZIP file will be deleted.
Can I subscribe for this service on my other email accounts (e.g. hotmail)?
This Service is only available for email accounts registered with SingNet Dial-up Plans and SingNet BroadBand plans.
Will this service scans both incoming and outgoing emails?
Yes. Once you sign-up for this service, both your incoming and outgoing emails will be scanned. This will reduce your risk of being infected by viruses via email and also helps to alert you if you send out virus-infected emails.
If I have subscribed to Virtual Email Domain Service (including’s), can I have this Anti-virus service?
If you have subscribed to SingNet’s VEDNS (including’s) with a virtual email address mapped to a real email address which is a SingNet email account, you may subscribe to this Anti-virus service for this particular SingNet email account. Thus, all emails forwarded from your virtual email will be scanned when it reaches your SingNet account.
Would I know if the email sent to my SingNet account enabled with this service is infected?
Yes, if the email is infected, you will receive an email notification explaining on the actions taken.
If an email is infected and repaired, will the repair work change any content of the email?
It is dependent on the type of virus detected. No content will be changed deliberately but to eradicate the virus, some text, formatting or macros may be removed. Thus, it is advisable to inform the sender that the attachment is infected and request the sender to send a virus-free copy.
What type of virus cannot be repaired?

Basically, there are three main types:

  • Trojan is a virus (should read as "Worm"), which performs some unexpected or unauthorized actions (e.g. stealing passwords and sending it to a hacker) and does not infect other files, so it cannot be cleaned/repaired. Thus, it must be removed.
  • Visual Basic Script virus, e.g. Loveletter virus that will automatically send junk emails to large number of people using your email address and name (add "and address book").
  • Infected files, which are archived or compressed, e.g. ZIP.
Am I safe as long as I do not open the email and just view it via the preview panel?
No, you are not protected. Viewing the infected email through the preview pan CAN trigger the virus!
Can I temporarily disable this service?
No, unless you wish to terminate the service totally. Once you sign-up for this service, your email account is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How do I terminate the service?
The normal 3 days termination policy applies. You can call 1688 or log into MyAccount  to terminate the service.
What is the subscription for this service?

The subscription is charged at $2.14/mth for the Anti-virus service for one SingNet email account. The one-time registration of $10.70 is waived.

Prices inclusive of GST