Mobile Swop Terms & Conditions




These terms (“Terms”) form part of the application form (the “Agreement”) you signed at the time you applied for the Service. They apply to your legal relationship with SingTel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd (“SingTel Mobile”) in respect of the Service.



Upon your successful enrolment for the Service and ongoing compliance with these Terms, the Service allows you to request a Like Mobile Device (i) in exchange for your Registered Device (a “Swop”) and by paying a Swop Fee; or (ii) without returning such device (a “Replacement”) and by paying a Replacement Fee (the “Device Swop and Replacement Service”).

The Service is supported by NEW Asurion Singapore Pte Ltd, as a subcontractor of SingTel Mobile to assist in providing the Service.




Eligibility to apply - In order to request enrolment for the Service for an Eligible Device you must:

1)     be a residential or Corporate Individual Scheme customer on an active postpaid mobile plan with SingTel Mobile (your “Mobile Plan”);

2)     register the Eligible Device to be tied to your Mobile Plan (the “Registered Device”);

3)     not be in default of any payment obligations in relation to your Mobile Plan;

4)     intend to use the Eligible Device with your Mobile Plan; and

5)     sign the Agreement.


Acceptance and Start Date – You will be enrolled for the Service from the date your Application is successful (the “Start Date”).


Time of application – You may make your application (i) at the time you purchase your Eligible Device when you sign up/recontract your Mobile Plan (“Application”); or (ii) any time during the 30 days after you sign up/recontract your Mobile Plan with your Eligible Device (“Post Purchase Application”).


Post Purchase Application – In order to request enrolment for the Service for an Eligible Device with a Post Purchase Application, the following additional conditions apply:

1)      You may not be able to make a Service Request for 30 days from the Start Date if your Eligible Device has not undergone a physical verification by a SingTel Mobile sales representative;

2)      You must present proof of your purchase of the Eligible Device when requested by SingTel Mobile; and

3)      SingTel Mobile must be able to verify that the Eligible Device is active on Singapore Telecommunication Ltd’s (“SingTel”) network.




Monthly Fee - You will pay the monthly fee of $8.00 (inclusive of GST) (the “Monthly Fee”). The Monthly Fee due on the first and last months of your subscription to the Service will be prorated to the days of actual subscription.


Service Fee - You will pay the swop fee (“Swop Fee”) or the replacement fee (“Replacement Fee”) (each, a “Service Fee”) according to the table below for each Service Request:



Swop Fee**

 (including GST)

Replacement Fee**

(including GST)

$1000 or more



$600 to $999.99



 $599.99 or less



* Based on recommended retail purchase price (RRP) of the Registered Device (excluding GST) on the date you purchased the Registered Device, as advised in your Agreement.

** The Swop Fee and Replacement Fee may be amended by Singtel Mobile from time to time.



By you - You can terminate the Service at any time by calling 1688.

By SingTel Mobile - SingTel Mobile may immediately terminate the Service if SingTel Mobile reasonably believes that:

1)      you are using the Service (whether intentionally or not) in a way that may adversely impact SingTel Mobile or SingTel Mobile’s reputation;

2)      you are using the Service in a manner which is fraudulent, illegal or related to any criminal activity;

3)      you have breached these Terms;

4)      you are or may become bankrupt;

5)      you have provided SingTel with incorrect, false or incomplete information;

6)      you have not promptly paid any bills issued by Mobile; or for any other reason at Singtel Mobile’s discretion.


Automatic Termination - The Service will terminate immediately if:

1)      your Mobile Plan is terminated by you, or by SingTel Mobile;

2)      you migrate your Mobile Plan to a pre-paid mobile plan; or

3)      you transfer your Mobile Plan to another person.


No reactivation – If the Service has been terminated for an Eligible Device, the Service cannot be reactivated for that Eligible Device.



In the event that your Mobile Plan is suspended (by you or SingTel Mobile, for any reason other than a lost SIM card) for a limited time, the Agreement, the Service and corresponding Monthly Fees will be suspended for the period during which your Mobile Plan is suspended. Should your Mobile Plan be reactivated, you will not be able to make a Service Request for a period of 14 days after such reactivation.




Your Registered Device may not change except for:

1)      the change made following a Swop or a Replacement; or

2)      the exchange of your Registered Device in the context of the manufacturer’s warranty scheme for a new device which is identical to your Registered Device. You must inform the Call Centre of such change and provide proof of exchange where necessary in order for SingTel to update its records with the IMEI of such new device, from which time the new device will become the Registered Device.



You understand that these Services are subject to Clause 15.2 of the General Terms ( and SingTel Data Protection Policy ( In addition, as a prerequisite to enrolling and using these Services, you consent to SingTel’s subcontractor, NEW Asurion Singapore Pte Ltd., storing or hosting data with affiliates in Japan, USA and Malaysia and processing credit cards through a third party vendor in OECD countries. The recipient of these data are bound by local laws, legally enforceable agreements and/or legally binding corporate rules which provide a standard of protection that is at least comparable to the protection under the Personal Data Protection Act (Act 26 of 2012) of Singapore.    



The Service, these Terms, the Monthly Fee and the Service Fee are subject to change (and in the case of the Service, withdrawal) at any time. We will notify you of the changes through the Website and if you continue your subscription to the Service after such changes are published on the Website, you will be deemed to have agreed to those changes.


If SingTel Mobile introduces new services, you may be entitled to subscribe to such services (at an additional cost) by contacting the Call Centre, and the Monthly Fee will be adjusted pro rata.


The Service in general and completion of Service Requests in particular are subject to events beyond SingTel Mobile’s reasonable control. If such events occur, the Service will be suspended until future notice.


Apart from these Terms, SingTel Mobile expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind save for those which are statutorily mandated under Singapore law. SingTel Mobile shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused to you in respect of any matter howsoever arising in connection with the provision and/or your use of the Service. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold faultless SingTel, SingTel Mobile, its associates and their directors, officers, successors and assigns, from and against any and all liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses caused by or arising out of your use of the Service.


In addition to these Terms, you shall be bound by and shall fully comply with SingTel’s General Terms and Conditions of Service (“General Terms”) and SingTel Mobile’s Specific Terms and Conditions of Service (“Specific Terms”), which terms and conditions shall be deemed incorporated by reference. In case these Terms contradict the General Terms or Specific Terms, these Terms will prevail.


SingTel Mobile may from time to time offer promotions relating to the Service. Any such promotions shall be governed by the terms and conditions attached thereto by SingTel Mobile, and by these Terms to the extent that the promotion’s terms and conditions are silent. In the event of any conflicts between a promotion's terms and conditions and these Terms, the promotion’s terms and conditions shall prevail.



Call Centre means the Service call centre available at 6643 1080. Device means a mobile wireless device that (i) has a display screen; (ii) supports one or more wireless network connectivity options; and (iii) that is operated using touch input or a miniature keyboard. It does not include any Device Accessories.Device Accessories means anything that is either (i) provided by the original manufacturer in the box with a Device; or (ii) sold separately to be used in conjunction with a Device. It includes (i) batteries; (ii) SIM cards; (iii) memory cards; (iv) chargers; (v) ear buds; (vi) boxes; (vii) cases; (viii) cables and (ix) mounts. Eligible Device means a new Device with a valid IMEI purchased on or after 1 September 2014 and that is (i) on the supported device list on the Website and purchased by you at a Retail Store; or (ii) supplied to you by the original equipment manufacturer under a warranty claim. IMEI means the international mobile equipment identity number for a Device. Like Mobile Device means a Device, compared to the Registered Device, that: (i) is of similar kind, quality and functionality; (ii) is new or refurbished (containing original or non-original manufacturer parts); (iii) has same or greater memory; (iv) may be a different model or colour; (v) has a different IMEI; (vi) is provided in plain packaging marked “not for resale” rather than the original manufacturer packaging; and (vii) does not include any Device Accessories. Service means the Device Swop & Replacement Service. Retail Store means any SingTel shop or SingTel Exclusive Retailer in Singapore. Tier means the tier of your device for the purpose of determining your Swop Fee or Replacement Fee as set out in your Agreement. Website means the website dedicated to the Service, through which you can access information and assistance, at




Service Request - You may only make a Service Request by calling the Call Centre, or by other means that SingTel Mobile may advise on the Website.


Entitlement - You are entitled to no more than two Swop Service Requests or one Replacement Service Request within a rolling 12-months period (“Entitlement”), starting from (i) in the case of Swop Service Requests, the date your first, or penultimate, Service Request is completed by delivering your Like Mobile Device (whichever is the later); or (ii) in the case of Replacement Service Requests, the date your previous Service Request is completed by delivering your Like Mobile Device.


To clarify, if you have made a Swop Service Request then you may not make a Replacement Service Request for 12 months from the date the Swop Service Request was completed by delivering the Like Mobile Device. Similarly, if you have made a Replacement Service Request, you may not make any Service Request (Swop or Replacement) for 12 months from the date the Replacement Service Request was completed by delivering the Like Mobile Device.


Conditions - The Call Centre will only accept Service Requests if:

1)      your Mobile Plan is still active and you are still using the Registered Device with the telephone number associated to your Mobile Plan, as determined by SingTel Mobile;

2)      you provide any additional information reasonably requested by SingTel Mobile, including proof of identity;

3)      you do not have any outstanding SingTel bills (other than your current bill);

4)      you do not have another Service Request pending or unfulfilled;

5)      the Service Request is not for a Device Accessory.



When you make a Service Request, you are not required to establish that your Registered Device is broken, lost, stolen or damaged. SingTel Mobile may, however, ask you about the condition of your Registered Device or the reason why your Registered Device is not available for a Swop, for informational purposes so that it can best facilitate your Service Request. If your Service Request is for a Replacement we will send a new SIM card.


Title in and any rights to the Registered Device transfer to SingTel Mobile on acceptance of your Service Request relating to that Registered Device, and you hereby assign to SingTel Mobile all associated rights and benefits of any manufacturer’s warranty.

Like Mobile Device – SingTel Mobile makes no representation or warranty that any Like Mobile Device will be identical or offer the same functionality as your Registered Device. If it is available, you will be offered a Like Mobile Device that is the same make and model as your Registered Device, but not necessarily the same colour. Otherwise, SingTel Mobile will offer you a comparable Device with a feature and attribute range similar to the Registered Device instead.


Warranty - Each Like Mobile Device has a 6 month warranty against manufacturer malfunctions and defects that starts from the date of delivery. You may make a warranty claim for a Like Mobile Device by calling the Call Centre (“Warranty Request”). We will handle a Warranty Request in the same way as a Service Request except that a Warranty Request will not count towards your Entitlement and the Service Fee will not be payable.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) warranty will be rendered void once you make a service request under MobileSwop unless otherwise stated by the OEM.


Data transfer - SingTel Mobile is not responsible for the transfer of any data or information between the Registered Device and the Like Mobile Device. Such a transfer is done entirely at your own risk. In the event there is any inconvenience, delay, loss or damage to any data or information, you agree not to hold SingTel Mobile responsible or liable for any such loss, delay or damage to you.


Service Fee - The Service Fee will be payable by credit card at the time of your Service Request. SingTel Mobile may also allow you to pay the Service Fee by cash directly to the person delivering the Like Mobile Device. The Service Fee is payable directly to NEW Asurion Singapore Pte Ltd. who has been appointed by SingTel Mobile to collect the Service Fee.


Delivery in Singapore - SingTel Mobile will deliver a Like Mobile Device to an address on (i) the main island of Singapore; or (ii) Sentosa. SingTel Mobile will not deliver a Like Mobile Device to a post office box, MRT station, shopping centre, car park or any other public place. The decision on whether to deliver to any location other than your registered address is in SingTel Mobile’s sole discretion. The delivery will be via courier within the delivery times specified below and subject to (i) any extensions as may be required for force majeure events; (ii) delay to the delivery by the courier; or (iii) where SingTel Mobile deems it necessary to perform additional verifications relating to your Service Request. The Call Centre will advise you on the time frame for deliveries to Jurong Island and the outlying islands of Singapore. Deliveries to an address in Singapore will be made at no charge to you except that any deliveries (i) after two failed attempts on Monday-Saturday; or (ii) scheduled for Sunday, will be subject to a surcharge to be paid by you in advance by credit card.


Service Request received

Delivery time*

Monday to Friday, 8 am to 2 pm

Within 4 hours of the Service Request

Monday to Friday, between 2 pm and midnight

The next day before 12.00 noon

Monday to Saturday, midnight to 8am

The same day before 12.00 noon

Saturday 8 am to 2 pm

Within 4 hours of the Service Request

Saturday 2 pm to Sunday 10am

Sunday before 6 pm**

Sunday after 10 am

The next day before 12.00 noon

* For delivery times that fall on a public holiday, the delivery will occur on the next day that is not a public holiday.

** Additional $85.60 (incl GST) charge applies for all deliveries made on Sundays.


Delivery formalities - In order to complete the Service Request, the courier engaged by SingTel Mobile to deliver the Like Mobile Device will:

1)      ask for and verify the same identity proof you provided when enrolling for the Service;

2)      in the case of a Swop, verify that the Device you are presenting is the same as the Registered Device (by comparing the IMEI);

3)      collect the Service Fee from you (in cash), if it has not been paid by credit card at the time of the Service Request;

4)      in the case of a Swop, collect the Registered Device from you (the “Original Registered Device”); and

5)      deliver the Like Mobile Device (the “Delivered Device”) to you alone (and no proxy will be accepted).


If the Registered Device is operated by iOS 7 and above, you must turn off the ‘Find My iPhone’ security feature before returning your Registered Device to the courier. The ‘Find My iPhone’ feature can only be turned off using your unique Apple ID and password. If you do not turn off the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature we may have to cancel your Service Request or treat your Service Request as a Replacement and charge the Replacement Fee.


As soon as the Delivered Device is in your possession, you acknowledge that:

1)      the Delivered Device becomes your Registered Device;

2)      the Delivered Device is sufficient consideration for you to transfer ownership of the Original Registered Device and you have relinquished all rights to the Original Registered Device; and

3)      SingTel Mobile will not return the Original Registered Device to you.


Incorrect Device - In the case of a Swop, if SingTel Mobile discovers that the Device you returned to its representative was not the Registered Device at the time of the Service Request, you must return the correct Eligible Device within 7 days of delivery of the Delivered Device. Failing this, SingTel Mobile may charge you an additional fee equivalent to the Service Fee.