Family Protection Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Family Protection (Home Broadband)

1.    A 2-month subscription period ("Minimum Subscription Period") applies for each SingNet Family Protection (for PC) subscription. A fee of $3 per month or any other amount determined by SingNet from time to time ("Subscription Fee") applies.

2.    SingNet Family Protection (for PC) can be downloaded and installed on a maximum of three (3) personal computers for each subscription.

3.    Upon expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period, the Customer's subscription shall automatically continue on a month-to-month basis at the prevailing Subscription Fee. The Customer may terminate its subscription to the SingNet Family Protection (for PC) at any time after expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period.

4.    If the Customer terminates the subscription prior to expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period, an early termination charge ("ETC") shall be payable, which shall be computed as follows:ETC = Monthly Subscription Fee for the Service x Number of remaining months of the Minimum Subscription Period (including the month of termination)

5.    Customer shall be entitled to a preferential Subscription Fee of $2 per month ("Preferential Subscription Fee") for SingNet Family Protection (for PC) if the Customer subscribes to both SingNet Family Protection (for PC) and SingNet Security Suite.

6.    The Preferential Subscription Fee will cease to apply and the prevailing Subscription Fee shall be applicable to the Customer if the Customer's SingNet Security Suite is suspended or terminated for any reason whatsoever.

7.    By using the SingNet Family Protection (for PC), the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Singapore Telecommunications Limited, the Specific Terms and Conditions of SingNet Value Added Service, SingNet's Specific Terms and Conditions and McAfee End User License Agreement.