Caller Alert Terms & Conditions

  • From 10 March 2003, all existing Singtel Mobile GSM 900 post-paid subscribers, [other than those who have subscribed for Voice Mail, Duoline, Mobile No-Miss, OneMail, OneNumber, Number Portability services, Singtel Mobile’s Data3 Plan](the “Customers”) will be able to enjoy the Caller Alert Service (“Service”).
  • In the provision of the Service, Singtel Mobile will send a notification message via SMS to Customers, whose handset is switched off or out-of coverage, at the time when the calling party tried to call. The message will inform the called party of the telephone numbers of the calls he missed. The Service will however not display the telephone number of calls made from public payphone, overseas, or where the caller’s number is unlisted and he has selected not to disclose the same to Singtel Mobile.
  • There is no registration fee and monthly subscription fee currently payable for this Service.
  • Singtel Mobile however reserves the rights to impose service charges, or suspend or terminate the Service at any time without giving prior notice to the Customers.
  • The Customer may deactivate or thereafter activate the Service by giving to Singtel Mobile 2 working day’s notice.
  • Until and unless the Service has been deactivated as described above, the Customer shall be bound by and shall fully observe and comply with all the General Terms and Conditions of Singapore Telecommunications Limited as well as such other terms and conditions as may be agreed or accepted by the Customer