Sample of phishing email - 1st Apr 2010

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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 13:24:20 +0530 (IST) 

From: Singnet Admin <


Subject: Dear Valid Subcriber 

Attention all Singnet account owner, 

This email was sent to you because we will be resetting the password of all the singnet Account holders,because of the amount of spam nail that is being received and the complains from our customer. 

Due to this incident all account holders are required to send us there complete email account details so that we can clean and send the password reset link to your email for new password. 

Details Needed For maintainance. 

User Place: 



We will be very strict in dealing with this matter because it is causing a big problem to webmail site and any body that fails to comply with this email will have his/her email password reset by the ADMINISTRATOR and later deleted after 7 working days for more space.That means you will be unable to enter your mail box. 

Note: Once your password is reset don’t give it out again and any spam mail u receive should be deleated immediately without hesitation. We are trying to develop a very strong email filter that will be filtering all the spam and junk email from your mail box. We are very sorry for the inconviencies, it will not happen next time.Please channel your response to this 


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