Sample of phishing email - 15 July 2017

From: Singtel myBill Notification []
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2017 10:34 AM
Subject: Singtel Account No. 47124275 for Jun 2017, Bill ID 0153


You can now view your latest Singtel bill, dated 15 Jun 2017. The total
charge for this bill is SGD 2,865.28 due on 29 Jun 2017.

1) Click here

php?username=xxx@SINGNET.COM.SG> to download your PDF bill or
2) Logon to myBill

php?username=xxx@SINGNET.COM.SG> to check out the details.

For assistance with your Singtel myBill account, you can either email us

php?username=xxx@SINGNET.COM.SG> or call us at 1688.

Thank you for choosing Singtel as your communications partner.

(Please do not reply to this notification as it is automated and is
to receive replies)