Store & Share

What is Store & Share?

Store & Share is an online storage and file sharing application that can be accessed from any web connected device, allowing you to easily store, access and stream your files. It is a virtual disk for all your files that remain on the web, which mean you can access them from anywhere.

Store & Share also comes with Desktop Drive and Mobile Applications that help you better manage your digital life's contents. Click here to download.

How do I access my Store & Share?

You can access Store & Share via the following ways:

Please login to your Store & Share using the respective account that you sign up under:

  • Singtel Mobile Store & Share Account - Login using your Mobile number and IDEAS password. Register here for your IDEAS account or retrieve your forgotten IDEAS password
  • SingNet Broadband Store & Share Account - Login using your SingNet Email username and password. Please call our Technical Helpdesk at 1688 and select Technical Support if you have forgotten your SingNet password.
What is Store & Share Desktop Drive and Contact Backup?

Store & Share Desktop Drive is a software client that gives a shortcut to your Store & Share without going through the internet browser. It appears as an additional 'virtual' drive in your computer. Save multiple files quickly and access your Store & Share files from your desktop with ease.


Store & Share Contact Backup is a mobile app that allows you to back up your mobile phone contacts to Store & Share. Your mobile phone book will be archive to multiple versions so that you can easily restore all your contact whenever you change or lose your phone. The app is available on Android OS 2.3 and iOS 4.0 or above.

How can I access my files if I am overseas?
As long you have Internet connection, you can access  anytime anywhere.
Can I have concurrent multiple logins to my Store & Share account?
Yes, you can.
Why can't my recipients receive my shared files notification email?
Some common scenarios are that the email address of the recipient is wrong or the email notification is sent to recipients' spam or junk folders.
Can I have multiple Store & Share plans under either my Singtel Mobile or SingNet account?
No, you can't.
Is the Store & Share service in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act?
Yes. You may refer to  for Singtel’s Data Protection Policy.
Is my data secured?
Your data is secured via four levels of protection: authentication via X.509 certificate, data encryption in 3DES, secured transfers via SSL 128bits and data integrity checks upon reception.
What happens if the Internet connection is disrupted while I'm uploading my data?
You may wish to upload the file again. If the file has been uploaded successfully, you will see "File Uploaded Successfully" on your screen.
Will my files be infected by viruses from another infected file from other users?
No. We store files as they arrive and do not execute them on the servers. Hence, there is minimum possibility that cross infection will happen.
What would happen if I upgrade or downgrade between my Singtel Home BroadBand and Fibre BroadBand plan?

Upon upgrading and/or downgrading between the plans, the storage data files will be kept intact.

For upgrade from Singtel Home Broadband to Fibre Broadband, customers will get to enjoy the first 10GB free on the Store and Share and is no longer required to pay the monthly subscriptions.

For downgrade from Fibre Broadband to Home Broadband, customer will be given an option to choose the required monthly subscriptions plans.

The email account I am using is a supplementary email account. Can I sign-up for Store & Share?
Yes, you can.
Are there any implications on my mobile bill if I use the mobile backup client to backup my phone's data?
Your mobile bill will be charged according to the data traffic usage for upload or download based on your mobile phone's data plan.
Why am I unable to upload my file when my Store & Share reached its space limit?
Once you reach your space limit, you will not be able to perform any further uploads but you can however still share your files with others.
What if I exceed the subscribed storage?

You will not be able to perform any further upload. To check on your Store & Share data usage, go to 'Setting'. You may either remove some files so as to free up more storage or upgrade to one of the following plans:

  Basic Plan
(4GB space)
Premium Plan
(20GB space)
Ultimate Plan
(50GB space)
Subscription $1 per month         $4 per month
mio Home Promo:
$3 per month
$8 per month
I am currently a Fibre customer, is there an option for me to upgrade my existing 10GB of storage space?
Yes, you can choose to upgrade to either Premium Plan (comes with 20GB space) or Ultimate Plan (comes with 50GB space).
I am currently having free 2GB Store & Share, is there an option for me to upgrade my existing 2GB of storage space?
Yes, you can choose to upgrade to any of the paying plans.
Will the chargeable plans be stack on to the free plan? What will happen to my data/files?
No, you can’t stack on multiple plans under one User ID. One User ID will only support one data plan. Should you decided to upgrade your plan, only the storage space will be changed. All your existing files will still be intact under your Store & Share.
Where can I view my Store & Share storage usage?
To check on your Store & Share data usage, go to 'Setting' of your mobile App or in the web portal ( ).
I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
  • Singtel Mobile Store & Share Account - retrieve your forgotten IDEAS password. Alternatively, you can click the "forget password" button on the login screen of the App.
  • SingNet Broadband Store & Share Account - if you have forgotten your password, you may reset it via our 1688 IVR self-help option. Key in your Home Line number your broadband is connected to, select mio and internet menu, Technical Support option and follow the instructions given.
What are the recommended browsers for using Store & Share web portal?

The recommended browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Firefox 3.5 and 3.6
What are the supported media file types for browsing or streaming?

The following media file types are supported:


  • TIFF : uncompressed RGB
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • BMP


  • WAV (codec : PCM) – file : .wav
  • WMA (codec : WMA) – file : .wma
  • MP3 (codec : MP3) – file : .mp3
  • AAC (codec : AAC) – files : .aac, .mp4, .m4a, .3gp
  • AMR (codec : AMR) – file : .3gp


  • AVI (codec video : XVID, DIVX, MJPEG, DV ; codec audio : MP3, AC3, WAV PCM) – file :.avi
  • FLV (codec video : H263 Sorenson ; codec audio : MP3) – file : .flv
  • WMV (codec video : WMV ; codec audio : WMA) – file : .wmv
  • MOV (codec video : H264, MPEG-4 SP) – file : .mov
  • MPEG2-TS (codec video : H264 ou MPEG-2 ; codec audio : MPEG1 Layer 2, AC3) – file : .ts
  • MPEG (codec video : MPEG-2 ; codec audio : MPEG1 Layer 2) – file : .mpg
  • MP4 (codec video : H264, MPEG-4 SP ; codec audio : AAC) – file : .mp4
  • 3GP (codec video : H264, MPEG-4 SP ; codec audio : AAC, AMR) – file : .3gp
How do I terminate my account? Will my files still be available after termination?

You can terminate your Store & Share account by calling in to 1688. Alternatively, if you are terminating your Singtel mobile or SingNet broadband service, your Store & Share account will also be terminated together.

Upon termination of either of the above, your files will be removed from our server.

NOTE: It is highly important that you download and backup all your files prior to any termination request. Singtel shall not be liable to any data loss that arises from termination of account.

My account is temporarily out of service or suspended. Why is this so and what should I do?
Your account might be temporarily suspended due to payment matters. You can call up our Customer Care Hotline at 1688 for more help.