Caller Alert

I subscribed to the Caller Number Non-Display service. Will the called party receive a notification SMS if he/she misses my call?
When your call is missed, you will hear a recorded prompt informing you that your calling number will be sent to the recipient. As a caller with Caller Number Non-Display, you will have the option not to send your calling number.
I am a GSM1800 postpaid subscriber, can I subscribe to Caller Alert?
Yes, but you will need to exchange your G18 SIM Card for a G9 SIM Card. There will be no change to your existing mobile number and price plan.
I am a pre-paid subscriber, can I subscribe for this service?
No, this service is available to GSM900 post-paid subscribers only.
Does Caller Alert work when I'm roaming overseas?
Caller Alert will work overseas if the mobile phone is turned off. SMS notifications will be sent once the mobile phone is switched on again.
How do I receive the SMS notifications for calls made to my mobile phone number during the period when I am not reachable?

The Caller Alert service is subject to the following limits:

  • 20 SMS notifications per day; and
  • 1 alert for each missed call.
If someone tries to call you 24 times while your phone is off, you will receive SMS notifications of only the first 20 missed calls when you switch on your phone again.
Notifications expire after 48 hours. If the missed call took place more than 48 hours before you switch on your phone, you will not receive an SMS notification of that call.
Does the time and date of the SMS indicate when the caller tried calling me? How long does it take for the SMS notification to be sent?

No, it may not be an indication of when the caller tried to call you. We try to send the SMS notification to you immediately, but the following factors will affect when you receive the SMS notification:

  • The phone memory is full
  • The earliest time you switch on your phone
Can I opt out of Caller Alert?

Yes, you may opt out by calling 1626. Alternatively, use *SEND 129 as follows:

  • Receive Reply from: 727129
  • Message Content: Caller Alert is Free and helps you manage your missed calls when your phone is switched off. To deactivate, reply "1" to confirm your request.
  • Reply: 1
  • Receive Reply from: *Send Help
  • Message Content: Thank you. Your request will be processed within 2 working days. To activate Caller Alert, please call 1626.

Your Caller Alert service will automatically be terminated should you subscribe to VoiceMail, One-mail, Duoline, Mobile No-Miss, Number Portability (to other service providers), or Data and GPRS main lines.

Why can’t Voicemail subscribers enjoy Caller Alert?
Voicemail is superior to Caller Alert. Besides providing SMS notifications when your phone is switched off, mobile Voicemail also provides SMS notifications when a call is unanswered for whatever reason, and allows the caller to leave a voice message for you.
Will I automatically enjoy Caller Alert when I terminate my VoiceMail, One-mail, Duoline, or Mobile No-Miss service?
Yes, if you are a GSM900 post-paid subscriber, Caller Alert will be activated automatically when you terminate your Voicemail, One-mail, Duoline or Mobile No-Miss service.
Will I receive SMS notifications of calls from M1/StarHub subscribers and Singtel Mobile pre-paid subscribers?
Is the caller charged for using Caller Alert?
Both prepaid and postpaid subscribers will be charged the standard airtime rates for making the call. (The same charging principle applies when you reach a called party's voicemail.) M1 and StarHub subscribers are also charged standard airtime for making the call.
Will I incur charges for the SMS notification sent to the party I tried to call?
No. The SMS notification is not deducted from your bundled SMSes either.
As a post-paid caller roaming overseas, will I be charged when I am diverted to Caller Alert?
You will not incur roaming airtime charges when you are diverted to Caller Alert (applicable for Auto Roam, Pay-as-you-roam, GD121).
As a pre-paid caller roaming overseas, will I be charged when I am diverted to Caller Alert?
You will not incur roaming airtime charges when you are diverted to Caller Alert while using *131*.
As a pre-paid mobile subscriber, will I get Caller Alert SMS when I miss a local call?
No, Caller Alert is available only to post-paid subscribers.