Mobile LIVECam

What is Mobile LIVECam?
This is a surveillance service that allows users to monitor their homes remotely via their 3G mobile phones.
Who is eligible for this service?
This service is applicable to all local 3G mobile phone users with 3G video call enabled mobile plans and handsets. For non-Singtel 3G Postpaid customers, you can still enjoy Singtel's Mobile LIVECam by signing up with your NRIC at any Singtel hello! store.
What do I need in order to use the service?
You simply need to sign up for a Mobile LIVECam subscription plan and purchase a Mobile LIVECam. With a 3G Mobile Phone, you will be able to use the service.
What is the list of mobile phones that are compatible with this service?
All 3G mobile phones with video call capability and DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) enabled are compatible for use with the service. DTMF is the signal that you generate to the phone company when you press an ordinary telephone's touch keys.
How do I view the camera?
You can view the camera by initiating a video call from any 3G mobile phone to the Mobile LIVECam number.
How can I control the camera?

Users can control the camera via their 3G mobile phone numeric keypad to:

  • navigate up (2), down (8), left (4), right (6)
  • zoom in (3) /zoom out (1)
  • reduce brightness (7) / increase brightness (9)
  • decrease volume (*) / increase volume (#)

If you are the Administrator, you can also record video clips by accessing the main menu (0).

Who is the Administrator to the camera?
The first person to access to view the camera is the Administrator. Thus customers are advised to set the Administrator rights immediately upon purchase before informing your friends of their access rights.
Can I assign the Administrator's right to another mobile number?
Yes, you can but this is not recommended. Please refer to the User Guide under Changing of Administrator Number.
Who can I invite to view my camera(s)?
You can invite those who are on 3G Mobile, Singtel Video Call subscribers to view the camera(s). You must add their numbers to the Access List and your PIN must be given to them in order for them to view the camera(s)
How many numbers can I add to my Access List?
A maximum of 20 numbers can be added to the Access List, including the Administrator number
Is there a time lapse in viewing the camera?
No, it's real-time viewing.
Is there a recording feature?
Yes. However, only the Administrator has the exclusive right to record, ensuring that the Micro SD card is properly inserted before the recording can be done. Images during normal viewing will not be stored.
How long can I view the camera per session?
The maximum video call duration per session is 3 hours. If the video call duration is more than 3 hours, the call will be disconnected automatically.
How many cameras can a customer subscribe to?
Each Mobile LIVECam service subscription entitles one camera. Customers can subscribe to multiple subscriptions for multiple cameras, as long as it is within the guidelines of Singtel Mobile.
How many people can access to the same camera at any one time?
Only 1 person can access to the same camera at any one time.
What is infrared mode?
Infrared mode allows users to view the camera when the environment is dimly lit. The Mobile LIVECam camera will turn on infrared spotlight in lowly lit environments.
How do I make changes to the Access List?
Only the Administrator can make changes to the Access List by accessing the main menu during the 3G video call, or via the SMS commands. For the list of SMS commands, please refer to User Guide.
Can I use the service and view the camera installed at home when I am overseas?

Yes, as long as there is 3G coverage overseas. When you call into the Mobile LIVECam number, you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number and PIN. IDD charges apply.

Click here for 3G roaming destinations.

Can I bring the Mobile LIVECam and use overseas?
No. The service is meant for local usage.
Why is there a difference in the SMS command for setting Camera Beep Alert?
This is due to a different software version. Customers are advised to use 'buzz' if 'beep' does not work.
What is my Mobile LIVECam's default PIN?
What is my Mobile LIVECam's default PIN?
How can I change the Mobile LIVECam PIN?
Only the Administrator can change the PIN by accessing the main menu during the 3G video call, or via the SMS command. For the list of SMS commands, please refer to User Guide.
What will happen if I enter the wrong PIN?
There is a maximum of three attempts. The video call will be disconnected on the third wrong attempt.
How do I manage the access rights to my Mobile LIVECam?
The PIN is applicable to all people in the Access List. You must remember to inform everyone in the Access List if you change the PIN for the camera.
What should I do if I forget the PIN or the Administrator number?
Please bring your Mobile LIVECam to the vendor stated in the warranty card to reset the PIN or Administrator Number. This will erase all your settings in the camera, restoring it to the factory default settings.
What is the Mobile LIVECam service subscription fee?


SIM Card and Connection Fee

Residential Customers


Monthly Subscription $8.56

Minimum Subscription Period

  • Upfront Payment for the Camera
  • Promotional pricing or Instalment Plan for the Camera
  • 3 months
  • 24 months


  • If customer terminates before 3 / 24 months, he/she will still have to pay the subscription of the remaining months.
  • Prices stated above are inclusive of prevailing GST.
Will I get billed for video recording?

Prevailing video call charges apply when the Administrator calls into the camera, but once the recording duration has been entered and recording initiated, the video call will end and charges stop. Recording commences in offline mode.

Administrator will be notified via SMS once the recording is completed, or if the recording is disrupted via an incoming video call. SMS notification by the Mobile LIVECam USIM is chargeable at $0.05 each.

I received SMS notifications from the Mobile LIVECam camera, do I need to pay for it?
As a recipient of the SMS, you will not be charged. However, the SMS initiated from the Mobile LIVECam USIM eg. notification upon the completion of the video recording, is chargeable on a pay-per-use basis of $0.05  each under your Mobile LIVECam account.
As the administrator of the Mobile LIVECam, is there any other charges that I may incur?
You may incur charges for the sending of SMS commands to manage the camera's settings. The charges are billed to the Administrator's mobile service account.
How much do I have to pay each time I access my Mobile LIVECam?
Video call to Mobile LIVECam will be charged at prevailing video call rates beyond bundled airtime as per price plan for 3G Mobile, Video Call and/or Video Call on BroadBand.
Will I be billed when the invited party access to view my Mobile LIVECam?
No, the access charges will be billed to the invited person who access to view your Mobile LIVECam.
Where can I go in order to subscribe to this service?
You may go to any of our hello! stores to apply for subscription.
What are the documents required for verification?
The original NRIC of the applicant is required for verification. For SME customers, the authorized personnel have to produce their original NRIC, Authorisation Letter and Business Registration Certificate.
Are there any charges that I will incur at the point of sign up?
At the point of sign up, you need to pay for price of the camera if you are paying upfront.
How long does it take to activate this service?
The SIM card is a pre-activated card, thus the Service is in use the moment you sign up for it.
Can I cancel the application and return the camera?
No. The Service is activated the moment you sign up for it. If you do not wish to continue with the service, you can arrange for termination. Penalty applies.
Is there any minimum subscription period?
Yes, a 3-month contractual period applies for customers who make upfront payment for the camera whereas a 24-month contractual period applies for customers who opt for a promotional pricing or installment plan for the camera.
Is there any equipment contract period?
If you terminate the service within 24 months, there will be an equipment penalty imposed. To calculate your equipment penalty, multiply the number of remaining months by your monthly installment rate
What is the price of the Camera?
Model Price (Include GST)
  • Upfront payment of $353.10 (3-mth contractual period); or
  • Promotional upfront payment of $199.00 (24-mth contractual period); or
  • 24-mth installment at $9.90/mth (24-mth contractual period).
What are the specifications of the Cameras?
Dimension 104mm x 101mm x 101mm (approx.)
Weight 263g with integrated battery (approx.)
Camera 0.3 Megapixel (solar/infrared dual mode)
Battery (Continuous Standby Time) 300 hours* (approx.)
Recording Time (In Sunlight Environment)

18 hours* (approx.) 

(dependent on memory card capacity)

Recording Time (In Infrared Environment) 8 hours* (approx.)
Video Communication Time (In Sunlight  Environment) 5 hours*
Video Communication Time (In Infrared Environment) 4 hours*
Charge Time 7 hours (approx.)
Will the Access List and PIN be affected if I reset the camera?
No, the Access List & PIN will not be affected.
What is the use of the 'CLEAR' button?
The 'CLEAR' button allows you to clear all the numbers in the Access List except the Administrator number by pressing it for more than 3 seconds.
Is there any warranty for the camera?

There's a 1 year warranty for the camera and 6 months warranty for the battery from the date of purchase

Vendor's contact :

ZTE Singapore Pte Ltd

151 Lorong Chuan #04-01A

New Tech Park Singapore 556741

Hotline : 68231899

Fax : 68231880

Operating hours: 9am to 6pm (Mon to Fri)

Can I use my own camera?
No. The cameras are bundled in the service package and your camera may not support the function for this service.
How do I terminate my subscription for the LIVECam Service?
Please call 1626 for termination.
How long does it take to for the termination to be effective?
It will take 3 working days.
Will there be any pro-ration of the bill?
Yes. The bill will be pro-rated if you are out of contract.
Why can't the Mobile LIVECam be powered on?
Please check the colour of the power indicator. If the power indicator isn't on, please charge the Mobile LIVECam. If the colour of power indicator is Cyan, please check if the USIM card is valid and is not locked. You can check if the USIM card is locked by inserting it into a mobile handset. If it prompts you to input a PIN when you power on the handset, please set the switch of the PIN off. After you have confirm the USIM card is valid and not locked, insert it back to the USIM Card Slot and press Reset Key to power on the Mobile LIVECam.
Why can't I initiate a Video Call to the Mobile LIVECam?

Please check the colour of the signal indicator. If the signal indicator is not lit, the Mobile LIVECam hasn't powered on normally. Please press 'Power' key to power on the Mobile LIVECam.

If the signal indicator is red (flash), there is no 3G network available or the signal of the 3G network is very weak. If the signal indicator is yellow (flash), the Mobile LIVECam is working properly. If you are unable to initiate a video call to the Mobile LIVECam, please check if your handset is under roaming or if your phone number is in the Access List. If your handset is roaming or the phone number is not in the Access List, you will not connect to the Mobile LIVECam successfully.

Why isn't the communication stable when I dial video calls in some places?
The communication can be unstable when either the caller or the camera loses a stable 3G signal. Please try again later or contact your service provider.
Why isn't there any notifying tone when I dial up a video call?
There are relative settings in the Mobile LIVECam. As an Administrator, you can set the switch of the notifying tone on/off by initiating an SMS command.
Why is there echo when using the Mobile LIVECam in some places?
It happens when the volume is too high or your handset is too close to the Mobile LIVECam.
Why can't the handset display the main menu and/or control the Mobile LIVECam via SMS?
It is because your number is not the Administrator number. Only the Administrator number can set the parameters of the Mobile LIVECam.
Why can't the video call be connected when the Mobile LIVECam works properly?

Please check whether your handset is roaming or if you have subscribed to the Caller Number Non-Display service.

If you receive the SMS prompt:" The Access List has reached its limit, you can't be connected." At this time, you can press the "CLEAR" button to clear the 19 numbers saved in the Mobile LIVECam except for the Administrator number, or delete some of the numbers in the Access List through the Administrator Number.