Singtel Circle Free Sunday Local Data Benefit and Mobile Plan Discount

How can I ensure that my local data usage is waived every Sunday?

Eligible customers can have their local data usage waived every Sunday from 00:00hrs and ends at 23:59hrs (Singapore Time). We recommend that you switch off and on (restart) your device in order to restart a new local data usage session to enjoy this benefit. This will ensure that your phone is not running any continuous background data session.

You will need to access local mobile data (2G/3G/4G) through e-ideas/ Internet/ BlackBerry APNs. These would be the default APNs on your device if you have not changed your settings before.

How do I check my APN settings? What should my APN settings be?

Default settings for Singtel Postpaid smartphone customers:

APN username: e-ideas
Username: 65ideas
Password: 65ideas

Default settings for Singtel Mobile Broadband customers (dongles/tablets):

APN username: internet
Username: 65ideas
Password: 65ideas

On iOS devices, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > APN
On Android devices, go to Settings > Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Points Names

Will I be able to view my mobile data usage on Sunday?

As your local data usage is waived on Sunday, you will not see any consumed usage during that period on My Singtel App and on your monthly bill.

Will my surfing speed be throttled as a result of excess usage on Sunday?

No. For customers whose surfing speed are being throttled under the Fair Usage Policy, consumption of free data on Sunday will continue to have their surfing speed throttled.

I stopped using data at 11:50pm on Sunday, why am I still charged for excess local data usage?

We recommend that you switch off and on (restart) your device after the after 12am on Sunday to ensure that your phone is not running any continuous background data session. If your mobile plan does not come with a local data bundle, to avoid excess local data charges, you may wish to switch off cellular data via My Singtel App > Data Setting > Select "Disable data on this plan".

My mobile line is already nominated. Will the supplementary lines (e.g. MobileShare / RedPac Plus/Taglite) linked to my mobile line be able to enjoy free data every Sunday?


My mobile line is already nominated. Will my local data usage be waived if I were to use my phone for mobile hotspot/tethering on Sunday?


What is Mobile Plan Discount benefit?

As a subscriber of Fibre Entertainment Bundle+, you and your family are eligible to discounts on the mobile plan when you nominate your mobile lines. When you nominate your mobile line as First Mobile Line (Keyline), you can enjoy early handset upgrade worth $350 and 15% off v019 calls.

How many Singtel Mobile lines can I nominate?

Including the First Mobile Line (Keyline), you can nominate up to 5 (five) mobile lines.

How much mobile discount (subscription) can I enjoy on each mobile line?

The number of nominated mobile lines will determine the amount of mobile subscription savings you can enjoy. Please refer to the table below:

No. of Singtel Mobile Line(s) 1 2 3 4 5
Savings on each mobile subscription 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
I am the First Mobile Line (Keyline) subscriber. Can I nominate my family members’ mobile lines under Mobile Plan Discount?

Yes. Only the First Mobile Line (Keyline) subscriber can nominate your family members.

When can I nominate a mobile line?

You can start submitting your nomination after the Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ has been activated.