Supplementary Emails

How are the email accounts used?
There will be ONE SingNet BroadBand account that everyone uses. The principal account holder will be responsible for payment of this account. Use the BroadBand account to connect to SingNet and then use your own email account to send and receive email.
Can I change the password of the supplementary accounts?
Yes, you can do this from the web page. We recommend doing this on a regular basis.
Can I keep the supplementary email accounts if I terminate the principal BroadBand account?
No. If the principal account is terminated, all supplementary accounts are automatically terminated too.
Who can terminate the accounts?
Only the principal account holder may terminate the supplementary email accounts.
What is the email space allocated for each supplementary email?
If I am currently a SingNet FOL user and I upgrade to SingNet BroadBand, can I subscribe to supplementary email and retain my User ID?
Yes. Once you sign up for SingNet BroadBand, you can subscribe to Supplementary Emails. Kindly inform the officer serving you that you are upgrading from a SingNet FOL plan and that you would like to retain your supplementary email User ID.. Your password will remain the same as well.