TalkMore Extra

What is TalkMore Extra?
TalkMore Extra is an Add-On that gives subscribers additional 200 minutes outgoing talktime to call fixed/mobile lines of any local telecommunication operator.
How much is the subscription fee for TalkMore Extra?
The price is $10.70 /month, inclusive of GST.
Do I have to pay a registration fee?
Yes, a $10.70  one-time registration fee applies for existing customers who are signing up.
Can I terminate my TalkMore Extra subscription at any time? Is there any penalty?
TalkMore Extra comes with a 12-month contract.  You can terminate your TalkMore Extra subscription at any time, but early termination charges will apply if you terminate within contract.
What is the difference between the new TalkMore Extra Add-On and the existing TalkMore/TalkMore Plus Add-On?
The TalkMore Extra bundle can be used to make outgoing calls to customers of any local fixed/mobile operator.  TalkMore and TalkMore Plus are only applicable for outgoing calls to other Singtel fixed and mobile lines (excluding fixed line number from other operators that have been transferred to Singtel).
Who is eligible to subscribe to TalkMore Extra?
STM Postpaid customers who are subscribed to the prevailing tiered data plans (SuperLite/Lite/Value/Plus/Premium/Prestige) are eligible to subscribe to TalkMore Extra.
I am currently subscribed to a Lite Plan with 12GB data bundle. Can I subscribe to TalkMore Extra to get more talktime?
You will need to update your price plan subscription to take up one of the prevailing price plan offerings with tiered data bundle (SuperLite/Lite /Value Plus/Premium/Prestige) first, because TalkMore Extra is only applicable with these plans.
Can I subscribe to TalkMore Extra for my supplementary line?
TalkMore Extra is only applicable as an Add-On for main lines on an eligible price plan (SuperLite/Lite/Value/Plus/Premium/Prestige).
If a MobileShare customer subscribes to TalkMore Extra for the main line, will the supplementary line get to share the extra talktime bundle from TalkMore Extra?