MobileShare Terms & Conditions

MobileShare Supplementary Plan

Each eligible customer (Residential, Corporate Individual Scheme and SME Customers) with Eligible Mobile Plans may
subscribe up to 3 MobileShare lines under the same NRIC with a single billing account reference. Such MobileShare lines will be supplementary to the Eligible Mobile Plan. UEN (Unique Entity Number) subscribers are not eligible for MobileShare.

Eligible Mobile Plans are Combo 1, Combo 2, Combo 3, Combo 4, Combo 6 and Combo 12 Plans, Lite (2GB), Value (3GB), Plus (4GB), Prestige (12GB) and Mobile Broadband Plans that are 10GB plans and below.

Local calls: If the MobileShare line is supplementary to an eligible mobile plan with free incoming calls, the MobileShare line will also enjoy free incoming calls. A MobileShare line that is supplementary to a Mobile Broadband plan will incur prevailing pay-per-use charges for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Local SMS/MMS usage: If the MobileShare line is supplementary to an Eligible Mobile Plan with bundled local SMS/MMS, the local SMS/MMS and data bundle will be shared between the eligible mobile plan and the MobileShare line. Unused local calls/sms/data cannot be carried forward to the following month. A MobileShare line that is supplementary to a Mobile Broadband Plan will incur prevailing pay-per-use charges.

Local data: Additional 0.5GB local data per MobileShare line will be added to the Eligible Mobile Plan from the activation date of the MobileShare line. Local data usage incurred by the MobileShare line(s) will be charged to the Eligible Mobile Plan. If the local data usage of the Eligible Mobile Plan (including any usage by the MobileShare line(s)) exceeds the total local data bundle of the Eligible Mobile Plan, local data pay-per-use charges will be billed to the Eligible Mobile Plan based on prevailing local data pay-per-use rates.

If the Eligible Mobile Plan is terminated, the MobileShare line(s) supplementary to the Eligible Mobile Plan will automatically be converted to a Combo 1 plan under prevailing public rates and terms and conditions, including any applicable minimum subscription periods.


Singtel reserves the rights to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice.
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