Do I need to register to use v019?
Yes, you need to register to use v019 if you do not have a Singtel IDD facility, please click here to apply for it. Registration is absolutely free.
Do I have to pay any subscription or registration fee for v019?
No. You will only be billed for successful calls made.
Can v019 be used on every phone line?
v019 can be accessed from any Singtel fixed line or Singtel Mobile line if it has the Singtel IDD facility activated on the phone line. Non-Singtel IDD customers can click here to apply. Registration is free.
I am not a Singtel customer. Can I use the v019 service? How will I be billed for using v019 service?
Yes, you can use v019 by registering for the Singtel IDD facility. To register online, please click here. Singtel will bill you directly for your usage.
My company uses a PABX that allows IDD 001 calls only on certain lines. Can I use v019?
You will need your PABX vendor to re-programme your equipment to allow "019" access in addition to "001" access.
Is there any Call Duration Advice for v019 service?
How do I prevent unauthorised v019 access?
If you are a Singtel fixed line subscriber, you just need to apply for a Phone Lock.
Does my existing Phone Lock for IDD 001also block v019 calls?
Who should I call if I have problems with v019?
Please call our 24-hour Fault Reporting Line at 1608.