Wavee - General

How does the service work? What can I do with it?

Wavee is the next generation communications app that lets you make high quality free calls to your family and friends anywhere!

Key features include:

  • Free voice and video calls
  • Share personalized sketch and localized stickers
  • Send your locations, files and photos
  • Integrated Inbox for Wavee chat and SMS (For Android only)
How much does it cost to use the Wavee app?
The Wavee app is free at no additional cost. However, Wavee requires data connection and carrier charges may apply.
I am not a Singtel subscriber. Can I use Wavee?
Wavee is not limited to Singtel subscribers. You will be able to download and use Wavee so long as you have a device that supports Wavee.
Will using Wavee affect my data usage?
Wavee requires data connection. For usage not over a WiFi connection, carrier charges will apply.
Can Wavee be used without a mobile network?
Registration for an account on Wavee requires a mobile network. Subsequent usage of services can be done over a WiFi connection, without a mobile network. These services exclude voice calls and SMS which would still require a mobile network.
What devices can I use Wavee on?
Wavee is supported on devices with Android 4.1 and above and on iOS 7 and above. For Xiaomi devices, Wavee can only be used on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above.
I have multiple devices and they are on multi SIMs. Can I use Wavee on more than one device and have it registered under the same number?
We currently do not support multiple devices. When you register the same number on Wavee on a second device, your Wavee account on the first device will be deactivated.
I have switched devices but have retained the same mobile number. Is it possible to retrieve chat histories from the Wavee account on my previous device?
All messages are stored in the user’s device. Wavee does not store any messages in our servers. This helps ensure the privacy of your messages. Hence, when you switch devices, chat histories cannot be retrieved on the new device.
Why can't I connect to Wavee? Why is the Wavee logo greyed out and states that it is 'Connecting…'?
You may have lost data or WiFi connection. Please check your connection or switch your data connection off and on again to connect to Wavee.