Wireless@SG FAQ

Where are the popular hotspots that I can access the Wireless@SG service?

The popular hotspots include public spaces like MRT stations, public libraries, country clubs, community centres, shopping malls and Hawkers Centers.

You can find the full list of hotspots here.

How do I connect to the Wireless@SG network?
You need to download and install the Wireless@SG app to setup your device or follow the guides for auto connection to the Wireless@SG network. Once the setup is completed, your device will automatically connect to the “Wireless@SGx” network without the need for re-login.
How much do I pay for Wireless@SG service?
Wireless@SG service is FREE until further notice.
Where can I find more information about the service?
You can find more information at the IMDA's website.