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Enjoy better value with our all-new Mobile Plans that is bundled with premium Singtel WiFi service, extra talktime and more SMSes!

Singtel WiFi is the new, premium WiFi service that whizzes by regular WiFi services at 5x the speed! In addition to a superior 4G network on your mobile phone, with Singtel WiFi, you get to enjoy UNLIMITED data usage till 31 March 2017 at more than 800 popular hotspots and more! Plus, you will get to enjoy seamless and effortless connectivity whenever you go! Click here to find out more on Singtel WiFi and the hotspots.


  • 4G charges waived permanently
  • Premium Singtel WiFi is 5X faster than regular WiFi
  • Unlimited WiFi data (till 31 March 2017, 2GB data/mth applies thereafter)
  • More talktime and SMS bundle
  Combo 1 Combo 2 Combo 3 Combo 4 Combo 6 Combo 12
Monthly Subscription $27.90 $42.90 $62.90 $82.90 $102.90 $239.90
Outgoing Local Calls  100 mins  200 mins  300 mins 400 mins  700 mins
Local SMS/MMS 500  1000  1200  1300 
1500  Unlimited
Local Data 100MB  2GB  3GB 4G 6GB  12GB
Singtel WiFi NA 2GB. Unlimited usage from launch until 31 March 2017
  Typical download speed: 4G (Up to 150Mbps): 16 – 70Mbps; 4G (Up to 300Mbps): 20 – 140Mbps
Bundled Free Add-ons VoiceMail* | Pay-As-U-Roam AutoRoam |
Caller ID |
Mobile Plan Discount Nominate your family’s Singtel Mobile lines to enjoy Mobile Plan discounts up to 30%!^
Annual Handset Upgrade with waiver of $350 early re-contract fee for one Key Line 
Exclusive Benefits - - - - - $500 yearly
300 mins
300 mins
300 mins
  Outgoing Local Calls Incoming Calls Local SMS/MMS Local Data Exclusive benefits Free Add-ons Monthly subscription
Combo 1 100 mins FREE 500 100MB - $27.90
Outgoing Local Calls 100 mins
Incoming Calls FREE
Local SMS/MMS 500
Local Data 100MB
Exclusive benefits -
Free Add-ons
Combo 2 200 mins FREE 1000 2GB - $42.90
Outgoing Local Calls 200 mins
Incoming Calls FREE
Local SMS/MMS 1000
Local Data 2GB
Exclusive benefits -
Free Add-ons
Combo 3 300 mins FREE 1200 3GB - $62.90
Outgoing Local Calls 300 mins
Incoming Calls FREE
Local SMS/MMS 1200
Local Data 3GB
Exclusive benefits -
Free Add-ons
Combo 4 400 mins FREE 1300 4GB - $82.90
Outgoing Local Calls 400 mins
Incoming Calls FREE
Local SMS/MMS 1300
Local Data 4GB
Exclusive benefits -
Free Add-ons
Combo 6 700 mins FREE 1500 6GB - $102.90
Outgoing Local Calls 700 mins
Incoming Calls FREE
Local SMS/MMS 1500
Local Data 6GB
Exclusive benefits -
Free Add-ons
Combo 12 Unlimited FREE Unlimited 12GB
  • $500 yearly handset voucher
Outgoing Local Calls Unlimited
Incoming Calls FREE
Local SMS/MMS Unlimited
Local Data 12GB
Exclusive benefits
  • $500 yearly handset voucher
Free Add-ons


*New Customers can enjoy free Voicemail for 24 months. Thereafter, Voicemail add-on shall revert to full charges at prevailing rates upon expiry of the promotional period.
^Customers who have signed up for Singtel mio Home/Fibre Entertainment Bundle/Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ are eligible to participate in the Mobile Plan Discount promotion (up to 5 Lines).
Discount rate for your mobile nomination:
  • 1 eligible mobile line – 10%
  • 2 eligible mobile lines – 15%
  • 3 eligible mobile lines – 20%
  • 4 eligible mobile lines – 25%
  • 5 eligible mobile lines – 30%

Customers who have signed up for Singtel Fibre Home Bundle/Unlimited Fibre are eligible to participate in the Mobile Plan Discount at 10% for 1 eligible mobile line.

T&C applies.


  • Data Bundle: Excess local data usage is charged at the rate of $10.70/GB and capped at $188/month. To enjoy more data at great savings, subscribe to DataMore Add-On. Click here to find out more.
  • Free 2GB Store & Share: Click here to download Store & Share app and register.
  • Free Local Calls/SMS/MMS are for usage within Singapore to any local mobile number. To ensure that the activities of some users do not impair the ability of our customers to have access to reliable services, this service is for personal and non- commercial purpose only, and is conditional on fair usage by customers, capped at 10,000 minutes and/or 50,000 SMS/MMS. Our services should not be used in a manner that unduly interferes with the use of Singtel Mobile’s network or systems. Singtel Mobile reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to levy prevailing charges on usage in excess of cap, or to deny, terminate, end, modify, disconnect, or suspend service if an individual engages in any of the prohibited voice or messages uses detailed at, or if Singtel Mobile, at its sole discretion, determines the action is necessary to protect the network from harm or degradation.

*Typical download speed is the typical range of download speed that the user can experience 80% of the time, over a 24-hour period at various locations with 4G outdoor coverage, including Orchard, City Hall and Shenton Way. The speed range may vary between users and is subject to device users and is subject to device used, hardware and software limitation, network coverage/traffic, distance between user and base station, nature of built-up area, source of website and other external factors. Please visit here for more information.



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