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Apple Music

What is Apple Music?
Apple Music is a music and video streaming service that gives customers access to play and download over 75 million songs, always ad-free, on all their iOS devices. Apple Music is also available on Android.
If I am not eligible for the 3 free months of Apple Music with Singtel, can I still sign up for Apple Music with Singtel?
Free 3 Months of Apple Music is applicable only to first-time Singtel mobile customers. However, you are still eligible to sign up for Apple Music at $0.99 for the first 3 months, 12-mth contract with no data charges or Apple Music at $9.98/mth.
Can prepaid mobile subscribers sign up for Apple Music with Singtel?
No, this service is only available to Singtel postpaid mobile subscribers.
Where can I sign up for Apple Music with Singtel?
You can sign up via the following channels: <br>•<a href="https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/lifestyle-services/apple-music">singtel.com/applemusic</a><br>• <a href="https://www.singtel.com/">singtel.com</a><br>• Any Singtel shop. Locate our shops at <a href="https://www.singtel.com/store-locator">singtel.com/stores</a>
Can I listen to Apple Music on Android devices (phones & tablet)?
Apple Music is compatible with Android 4.3+ and above. Apple Music is available on Google Play store. You will need to create or use an existing Apple ID to enjoy Apple Music.
How many devices can I use Apple Music on with just one account?
You can enjoy Apple Music on up to 10 computers or devices with your Apple ID, limited to one account per device.
How do I pay for my Apple Music subscription?
The subscription charge for Apple Music will be included in your monthly Singtel bill.
How do I know if my subscription to Apple Music is successful?
After you have subscribed, you will receive a confirmation SMS. This SMS will include instructions on how to create/link your Apple Music account to Singtel.
How do I activate my Apple Music account?
You will receive a confirmation SMS on successfully signing up for Apple Music. Click on the link in the SMS and follow the steps to create/link your Apple Music account to Singtel.
How do I avoid double payment if I would like to sign up for Apple Music with Singtel but am already paying for Apple Music via credit card directly to Apple?
To avoid dual payment, please cancel your existing credit card subscription with Apple Music. You can do so by turning off “Automatic Renewal” under “Manage Membership” inside the Apple Music app.
How do I cancel my existing Apple Music subscription with Singtel? Will the cancelation take place immediately?
You can do so through My Singtel app. Request for termination of Apple Music ($0.99 for the first 3 months) after the end of the 12 month contract period.
What type of data charges are waived on Apple Music?
Only local data charges for music streaming and downloads are waived. For Apple Radio, only stations that are labelled with "Apple Radio" are being waived, third party radio stations are not being waived. Data consumed on videos are not waived. Overseas data roaming charges on Apple Music will be charged at the prevailing rate.
Is data waiver for Apple Music available on Apple Watch?
Data waiver is not available on Apple Watch.
How do I know if my data usage for music streaming is not charged?
You may refer to My Singtel app to monitor your data usage. Data usage for music streaming will not be recorded. Please note that data usage may still be consumed if there are apps running in the background. Self-service test: 1 song is an average of 5MB. Customer can create a playlist with 20 songs which is around 100MB and download the playlist on 4G network. Monitor My Singtel app data used before and after download to check that the 100MB did not add to the data consumed
How might my data waiver for Apple Music be affected?
Your data waiver for Apple Music may be affected due to one or more of the following:- Any proxy-based app (e.g. Onavo) or VPN app on the phone that channels traffic away will disrupt your data waiver.- The APN setting on your phone needs to be set to “e-ideas”. The data waiver will not work on any other APN settings.Radio stations under Apple Radio are applicable for data waiver, third pary radio stations are not waived.
If I sign up for Apple Music with Singtel, will I be able to retain my songs and playlists if I am an existing Apple Music subscriber?
Yes, please follow the confirmation SMS instructions that you will receive upon signing up. All you need to do is to link your existing Apple Music account to Singtel.
What if my Apple ID country settings are not set to Singapore?
You will not be able to create / link your Apple Music account with Singtel. Your Apple ID country settings will have to be set to “Singapore”. For more information on changing your country or region, please refer to https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201389.
Are there any recovery charges if I terminate my Apple Music subscription with Singtel?
No, there are no recovery charges and you can terminate the subscription at any time via My Singtel App.
How do I use Apple Music?
Please refer to Apple Music FAQs at <a href="https://support.apple.com/en-sg/music/">https://support.apple.com/en-sg/music</a>
I am having problems with my Apple ID. What should I do?
Please refer to Apple ID FAQs at <a href="https://support.apple.com/en-sg/apple-id">https://support.apple.com/en-sg/apple-id</a>
What are the terms and conditions for the Apple Music service?
For full terms and conditions, go to <a href="https://www.singtel.com/content/dam/singtel/personal/products-services/lifestyle-services/applemusic/AppleMusicTnCs%20(PM%2025-11)%20(002).pdf">https://www.singtel.com/content/dam/singtel/personal/products-services/lifestyle-services/applemusic/AppleMusicTnCs%20(PM%2025-11)%20(002).pdf</a>
What should I do if I encounter problems when linking my Apple ID or using the Apple Music App?
You can get assistance from Apple directly via <a href="https://getsupport.apple.com/">https://getsupport.apple.com</a>

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