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Singtel reserves the right to update the FAQs without prior notice.
All information is correct at the point of publication.

What is Giftany about?
Welcome to Giftany! We're an online gifting platform that lets you buy and gift anything, anytime and anywhere conveniently to anyone. You can select a variety of custom card designs and add a message to personalise your gifts. You can also decide how you want your gift to be delivered via email or SMS. With all your favourite digital gift cards in one place, you can enjoy greater convenience by charging purchases to your Singtel bill, Singtel Dash or credit card.
How does Giftany work?
All of the items purchased are in digital. It comes with a code that you will receive via email and SMS. Instructions are all provided in the email for easy usage.
What are the payment methods available?
There are 3 payment methods available, which are charging to Singtel Mobile Bill (if you are Singtel Postpaid customer), using Singtel Dash (which is applicable for all customer who have a Dash account) and charging to your Credit Card.
When will my gift code be delivered to me or my recipient?
It will usually be sent immediately within a few minutes. In some cases, this may take up to 1 hour. If you have any issues receiving your gift code, you can contact us at g-customer-giftany@singtel.com.
Can I buy multiple gift codes in one transaction?
No, you can only buy one gift code per transaction. You may make repeat purchases but there spend limit applied if you purchase using Singtel Mobile Bill. You can choose to pay with Singtel Dash without any limit, as long as there are sufficient credit in your account. Otherwise, you can pay using your credit card.
Where can I find the receipt of my purchase?
You should be able to receive an email from g-do-not-reply-giftany@singtel.com including the receipt as a proof of purchase.
I did not receive the email from Giftany with my code. What should I do?
We recommend that you check your spam folder. You can call 1688 for purchased on App Store & iTunes gift card. For other gift cards, please contact WOGI support support@wogi.sg.
How will the charging look like on my bill?
It will appear under “Bill on Behalf Goods / Services” section in your mobile bill. If you are purchasing through Dash, you will be able to check the transaction at the “History Tab” and it will be listed as “iTunes Gift Card” for iTunes purchases or “Giftany” for non iTunes purchases.
What is the monthly limit for purchase for a customer?
The monthly limit for purchase is $200 for a Singtel Mobile Number. This limit can’t be altered by Customer or call centre under any circumstances There is no monthly limit for Dash users.
Can I choose to receive physical copy instead of digital copy?
All purchases at Giftany are delivered digitally via email or SMS.
Do I need to create an account for me to buy at Giftany?
You only need your mobile number and email address to use this service. Payment can be done by Singtel mobile bill, Singtel Dash or credit card. However, if you would want to purchase using Singtel Dash, you will need to have a Singtel Dash account with sufficient funds inside.
Can I request for a refund?
All redeemed and activated gift cards are not allowed for a refund.
I am a Singtel Prepaid customer, can I use this service?
If you are a Singtel Dash users, you can use the service by paying through your Singtel Dash account.
I have a problem redeeming my gift card, what should I do?
You can refer to the customer support email shown at the bottom of the delivery email. For App Store & iTunes gift card, please call 1688 or you can email to g-customer-giftany@singtel.com. For gift card powered by WOGI, please emaul to support@wogi.sg. You have to include your transaction number in your inquiry.
How can I redeem my iTunes Code?
Instructions are provided in the email that you will receive from g-do-not-reply-giftany@singtel.com. You can also check the redemption instructions from the product page.
Can I use my App Store & iTunes gift card outside of the Singapore?
No, these codes can only be redeemed in the Singapore iTunes Store.
I have a problem redeeming my iTunes Code, what should I do?
Please contact Apple Support if you have a problem in redeeming your iTunes Code.
I did not receive my iTunes Code. What should I do?
Please check your inbox and spam folder and refresh it and look for the email from g-do-not-reply-giftany@singtel.com
Invoice for purchases
For Tax invoices, customers will have to request directly from the gift card merchant with your relevant voucher details.Giftany confirmation emails are not tax invoices. If you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact us at g-customer-giftany@singtel.com.
Why am I unable to download the attachment of my gift card using the native iOS Mail application?
Please ensure you do not make a forward email of the gift card purchase delivery email is in the form of an “.eml extension” file. Alternatively, you can retrieve your e-gift card from the SMS sent by Giftany to recipient’s mobile number.

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