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Samsung Galaxy S20

iPhone 11<br>(64GB)

iPhone 11 Pro<br>(256GB)

iPhone 11 Pro Max<br>(512GB)

Samsung Galaxy S10+<br>(128GB)

Samsung Galaxy S10+<br>(512GB)

iPhone XR<br>(256GB)

iPhone Xs<br>(512GB)

Samsung Galaxy S20+

iPhone 11<br>(128GB)

iPhone 11 Pro<br>(512GB)

Samsung Galaxy Note10<br>(256GB)

Samsung Galaxy S10+<br>(128GB)

Samsung Galaxy S10+<br>(1TB)

iPhone Xs Max (512GB)

iPhone Xs<br>(256GB)

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

iPhone 11<br>(256GB)

iPhone 11 Pro Max<br>(64GB)

Samsung Galaxy Note10+<br>(256GB)

Samsung Galaxy S10e<br>(128GB)

iPhone XR<br>(128GB)

iPhone Xs Max (256GB)

iPhone Xs<br>(64GB)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

iPhone 11 Pro <br>(64GB)

iPhone 11 Pro Max<br>(256GB)

Samsung Galaxy Note10+<br>(512GB)

Samsung Galaxy<br>S10<br>(128GB)

iPhone XR<br>(64GB)

iPhone Xs Max (64GB)

iPhone X<br>(64GB)

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What is Singtel Mobile Leasing?
Singtel Mobile Leasing gives you the flexibility to enjoy the latest phones on a 24 months term lease at $0 upfront with a monthly leasing fee. You must return the leased phone in good working condition at the end of the 24 months. Alternatively, you may upgrade your leased phone after 12 months by fulfilling the necessary conditions.<br>To subscribe for Singtel Mobile Leasing, you must continue with your existing SIM Only Plan or sign up for a new SIM Only Plan.
How is Singtel Mobile Leasing different from buying a handset with a Combo Plan?
The main difference is that you are leasing a handset from Singtel instead of buying the handset. The leased handset is Singtel’s property and you must return the leased handset after the leasing term ends on the 24th month. You pay $0 upfront to lease the handset and will only need to pay the monthly leasing fee. The monthly leasing fee will vary depending on the model of handset you lease.
Who is eligible to take up Singtel Mobile Leasing?
Singaporean, Permanent Resident and Employment Pass Holder who is an existing Singtel postpaid mobile plan or Fibre Broadband customer for a minimum of 6 months and good credit standing is eligible.
Where can I sign up for Singtel Mobile Leasing?
Singtel Mobile Leasing is only available for sign-up at Singtel Retail Shops, Singtel Exclusive Retailers and eShop.
Do I need a Mobile Line or Mobile Plan to enjoy Singtel Mobile Leasing?
Yes, you will need a SIM Only Plan.
Can I take up Singtel Mobile Leasing on any phone?
No, Singtel Mobile Leasing is only applicable on selected Apple and Samsung phones.
When can I upgrade the leased handset?
You can upgrade the leased handset after month 12 of your Singtel Mobile Lease. You must fulfil the following conditions as part of your leasing upgrade: (i) return the original leased handset in “good working condition” as defined within your service agreement form, (ii) take up another Singtel Mobile Lease on a SIM Only plan and (iii) pay the leasing upgrade fees.
What happens if my leased handset is damaged or lost?
All leasing plans come bundled with MobileSwop Unlimited at the start of the Singtel Mobile Lease. MobileSwop Unlimited is an add-on that provides coverage of your leased handset in the event of damage or loss. MobileSwop Unlimited customers enjoy unlimited Swops and one Replacement of their leased phone every 12 rolling months.
What if I do not return my leased handset after 30 months of complete leasing payments?
Once you have completed 30 months of monthly leasing fees, ownership of the leased handset will be transferred to you and you need not return the leased handset.
What happens if I cancel my Mobile Line prior to completing the term of the Singtel Mobile Lease?
If you cancel your Mobile Line during the term of the Singtel Mobile Lease, you may either return or purchase the leased device with an applicable fee. <a href="/content/dam/singtel/personal/products-services/mobile/leasing/MobLease_Tnctableonly.pdf" target="_blank">Click here for more details</a></p>

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