Why choose Singtel ReadyRoam?

Instant connection without the hassle.

Never forget to activate roaming with AutoReadyRoam.


Which data roaming plan is the most popular?
ReadyRoam is most popular with multi-destination travellers to stay connected in up to 81 destinations with just one plan. DataRoam Unlimited Daily provides daily unlimited data roaming in over 100 destinations, from $19/day.<br><br>Refer <a href="https://www.singtel.com/content/dam/singtel/personal/products-services/mobile/roaming/pdf/RoamingUserGuide.pdf" target="_blank">here</a> for all plans.
What is AutoRoam, Pay-As-You-Roam, and AutoReadyRoam?
AutoRoam and Pay-As-You-Roam are settings which connect you to Singtel’s roaming service in more than 238 destinations. AutoRoam has a recurring subscription fee of $10/mth and you can roam with no added surcharge to the Pay-Per-Use roaming rates. Pay-As-U-Roam has no recurring monthly fee but a 25% surcharge will apply to the Pay-Per-Use roaming rates.<br><br>AutoReadyRoam is a free setting that skips the hassle of manually activating a multi-destination ReadyRoam plan each time you travel.
What is ReadyRoam, DataRoam Unlimited Daily?
ReadyRoam is a data roaming plan created for multi-destination travellers whom need connectivity over 30 days. <br><br>DataRoam Unlimited Daily is a data roaming plan created for high volume data users that require unlimited data usage overseas.
How much do data roaming plans cost? How much is an international roaming call?
ReadyRoam plan's multi-destination data coverage over 30 days start from $12. While DataRoam Unlimited Daily plans start from $19/day.<br><br>International calls are charged at prevailing voice rates. Please refer to a comprehensive list of international call rates at <a href="https://www.singtel.com/content/dam/singtel/personal/products-services/mobile/roaming/pdf/RoamingRates.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.
How do I subscribe or buy Singtel data roaming plans?
For our customer’s convenience, there are several ways to subscribe to our plans.<br><br>You can subscribe via the following channels: <br>My Singtel app > Roaming <br>Dial *100# while overseas <br>Dial *7626 in Singapore or SMS *7626 to 3333 while overseas (Roaming SMS charges apply) <br>Call 1688 (S$10 activation fee applies)
How do I connect to an overseas network?
If you have activated one of our data roaming plans, and kept your Roaming settings on while overseas, your mobile phone will automatically detect available operators. <br><br>Refer to our <a href="https://www.singtel.com/content/dam/singtel/personal/products-services/mobile/roaming/pdf/RoamingUserGuide.pdf" target="_blank">Roaming User Guide</a> to find out which operator falls within our preferred operators list in the respective countries.
What happens if I exceed my selected roaming plan’s bundled data?
For ReadyRoam, if you exceed the bundled data, the next bundled data of your ReadyRoam plan will automatically get activated at the same rate as the first bundled data.<br><br>For DataRoam Unlimited Daily, your plan comes with daily unlimited data roaming. You will only be charged the daily rate depending on which country you are in.
Can I cancel or terminate a data roaming plan?
You can unsubscribe your monthly recurring plans or Auto Ready Roam via My Singtel App > Roaming.<br><br>However you do not need to cancel the roaming plans because the ReadyRoam plan will expire after 30 days and DataRoam Unlimited Daily plan will expire after 1 day.
How do I prevent bill shock when I travel overseas?
You can purchase a DataRoam Unlimited Daily plan or a ReadyRoam plan before you travel if you require data while overseas. <br><br>Otherwise you can disable data roaming via My Singtel App>Roaming>Manage Data Roaming > Settings or dial *101#.


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