Keep your number and get instant activation when you arrive.

Travel safely in this new era by being connected through the one number you can count on — your very own. Enjoy auto roaming the moment you land, across single or multiple destinations. Access OTPs instantly and never miss out on important health and bank alerts.


Maximize your travel value with ReadyRoam Asia 4GB for $15 (U.P. $18) in 18 destinations and ReadyRoam Worldwide 6GB for $30 (U.P. $40) in 81 destination. 

And you're all set!

Tip 1: You can activate your ReadyRoam plan up to 30 days before your trip.

Tip 2: Turn on Data Roam network settings to use roaming data.

Tip 3: The same plan will be automatically activated* if you exceed your bundle data within the 30-day validity, so you can continue using your roaming data at the same adorable rate.

Tip 4: Switch off and turn on your mobile phone again when you arrive at your destination. This helps in logging on to the overseas operator network.

*You will receive usage and new plan activation alerts via SMS.

A never version of the app is now available. Please download or update the app to access its latest features.


How much data do I need for my trip? Are the ReadyRoam plans sufficient?
Everyone’s data usage is different, and the best way to find out is to check your monthly local data usage to gauge how much you need on a daily basis.<br><br>ReadyRoam plans are bundled with 1GB to 6GB of roaming data for 30 days. If you use 200MB of data daily, the ReadyRoam plans can last you for your trip from 5 to 30 days.<br><br>If you need boosted data for one day, consider signing up for DataRoam Unlimited Daily for unlimited data usage for one day at a flat rate from $19/day.
I am travelling to Malaysia, Japan and USA in the same trip for 20 days. What plan should I subscribe?
ReadyRoam Worldwide covers 81 destinations, including Malaysia, Japan and USA, and is ideal for your trip. Since the plan has 6GB of roaming data with a 30-day validity, you can stay connected to mobile data throughout your 20-day trip.
What happens if I exceed my ReadyRoam plan’s bundled data?
The same ReadyRoam plan will be automatically added if you are within your 30-day validity period.​<br>Your 30-day validity period will be based on the original start date of your first ReadyRoam plan. There will be no validity extension for the added data allowance.​<br><br><i>E.g. You’ve signed up for ReadyRoam Neighbour Thailand 1GB at $5 from 1 – 30 Aug. If you exceed 1GB on 3 Aug, another 1GB at $5 will be automatically added and valid till 30 Aug.</i>
How do I manage my data usage overseas?
My Singtel app is your perfect companion when you travel. Here’s what you can do to manage your data usage overseas:<br>a. Subscribe to a ReadyRoam plan for data connectivity at affordable rates<br>b. View your roaming data usage<br>c. Switch on/off your DataRoam network settings<br>For a step-by-step guide on add-on subscription and settings, click <a href="" target="_blank">click here</a>.
I have subscribed to a ReadyRoam plan but am unable to use data overseas. What can I do?
Usually, such issues can be resolved with a few simple steps, such as turning on data roaming settings on your phone and My Singtel app, or simply restarting your phone.<br><br>Please click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to check our step-by-step guide.
How do I check if I have subscribed to any roaming plan and enabled data roaming?
You can check on your roaming plans on My Singtel app. Click on the “…” symbol next to your mobile no.>Usage details>My Add-ons.​​ <br>During the validity period of your data roaming plan(s), your data bundle and usage will be shown on My Singtel app homepage>View Roaming.​​<br>To check if you have enabled/disabled data roaming in My Singtel App, click on the “…” symbol next to your mobile no.> Settings.​​<br>On your mobile, open Settings>Mobile data to enable data roaming. ​
I have signed up for a ReadyRoam plan. Do I have to deactivate it when I’m back in Singapore? If I want to continue to use roaming data after the 30 days, do I have to renew my ReadyRoam plan?​
Your ReadyRoam plan comes with a 30-day validity and will automatically expire after that. No further action is needed when you’re back in Singapore. If your trip is more than 30 days, you can sign up for a new ReadyRoam plan that starts after the end of the earlier plan. <i>E.g. If your trip to USA is from 1 Aug–15 Sep, you can sign up for ReadyRoam Worldwide for 1–30 Aug and get another ReadyRoam plan that starts on 31 Aug.</i><br><br>You can subscribe to the plans up to 30 days in advance.


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