Please review this Fact Sheet about your selected Plan:

A. General Information

B. Electricity Price Plan Information

Incentives you will receive (see footnote 2)

C. Additional Fees or Charges For Electricity Services

D. Bundled Product or Services (See Footnote 9)

There are no products and services bundled with the electricity price plan.

E. Footnotes

1. Please note the differences between a Standard Price Plan and Non-Standard Price Plan.

Standard Price Plan

Electricity Rates

• Inclusive of all applicable charges that vary according to the level of consumption.

• Will not change throughout the contract duration.

Other Fees and Charges

• No recurring charges or fees throughout the contract duration.

Contract Duration

• 6, 12 or 24 months.

Pricing Structure

• Fixed Price. Pay a fixed rate (e.g. 20 cents/kWh) for electricity throughout the contract duration.


• Discount Off Regulated Tariff. Enjoy a discount off the prevailing regulated tariff (e.g. 5% off) throughout the contract duration.

More Information

Visit the Price Comparison Tool at to compare the Standard Price Plans offered by different electricity retailers

Non-Standard Price Plan

Electricity Rates

• May not be inclusive of all applicable charges that vary according to the level of consumption

• May change in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

Other Fees and Charges

• May include recurring charges or fees throughout the contract duration.

Contract Duration

• Not limited to 6, 12 or 24 months.

Pricing Structure

• The electricity retailer may set its own pricing structure.

More Information

Visit the electricity retailer’s website to enquire on Non-Standard Price Plans.

2. The electricity retailer may offer you incentives if you contract for the electricity price plan. The incentives may include:

• Free gifts, promotions, rewards or services; and/or

• Conditional discount that reduces your electricity bill if you meet certain conditions.

3. A contract with automatic renewal may be automatically renewed upon the expiry of the contract. For such contract:

• The electricity retailer is required to inform you at least 10 business days before the existing contract expiry date, and you have the right not to proceed with the automatic renewal;

• The electricity retailer must ensure that the electricity rate is better than the prevailing regulated tariff at the point of contract renewal; and

• After the contract has been automatically renewed, you have the right to, within the first 30 calendar days from the start of the renewed contract term, terminate the renewed contract by giving the electricity retailer at least 30 calendar days’ notice without you being subject to any early termination charges or other applicable fees.

4. An advanced meter is a digital meter capable of measuring your electricity consumption every half-hour. It is optional to install an advanced meter to measure your half-hourly electricity consumption, unless the price plan you sign up for requires one. The Standard Price Plans do not require an advanced meter.

5. With direct billing, the electricity retailer will bill you directly for electricity supply, and SP Group will send you a separate bill for the other utilities (such as water and gas supply). Your electricity retailer will advise you on the billing arrangement they offer. With indirect billing, you will receive a single monthly bill from SP Group covering the charges for electricity supply by the electricity retailer as well as the charges for the other utilities.

6. The electricity retailer may charge you a fee if you terminate the contract before its expiry date.

7. The electricity retailer may require you to provide a security deposit for the supply of electricity. If you are a residential consumer, the electricity retailer is allowed to collect not more than 2 months of your average monthly electricity bill at the point of contracting, contract renewal or during the term of the contract.

8. The electricity retailer may require you to pay other fees and charges, including the prevailing market-related charges. You may refer to for more information on the market-related charges.

9. The electricity retailer may bundle the supply of electricity with other products and/or services, such as the provision of phone or internet services, home energy management systems, newspaper or magazine subscription, etc. Please note the terms and conditions of the bundled products or services.