Billing on Behalf Service:

  • I am a Singtel customer and wish to avail myself of the Billing on Behalf (‘BOB) service offered by Singtel, and in this regard, I expressly appoint and authorise SingNet Pte Ltd (SingNet), as my commercial agent in accordance with Part 2 of the First Schedule of the Payment Services Act 2019 (No.2 of 2019), to conclude the purchase of electricity on my behalf. For the avoidance of doubt, by virtue of such appointment, I agree that SingNet shall have the authority to enter into a binding legal contract on my behalf in relation to this purchase of electricity, only pursuant to my use of the BOB service. These Terms, shall form a binding agreement between myself and Singtel.  For the purposes of these Terms, Billing on Behalf means the process and arrangement by which my purchase of electricity from Geneco is billed to my periodic bill with the relevant Singtel Group entity (as the case may be).
  • As my appointed and authorised commercial agent, I agree that Singtel shall be entitled to collect payment from me through BOB for the costs of my purchase of electricity. I acknowledge that Singtel’s role here is solely that of acting as my agent in providing me with the BOB service, and Singtel has no control of provision of electricity.
  • The BOB service is only available to Singtel customers. I understand that if I cease to have any services with Singtel or its related corporations, I will be deemed to have cancelled the BOB service and will no longer be able to enjoy the BOB service. Notwithstanding the above, I shall remain responsible for all fees and charges incurred prior to the cessation of the BOB service.  Upon cessation of BOB, I understand and agree that billing for my electricity services will be transferred back to Geneco.


  • I acknowledge that I may choose for my electricity charges to be billed via my existing Singtel billing account together with other existing Singtel services or to request for a new Singtel billing account to receive a separate electricity bill.


  • I acknowledge that if I fail to make payment of amounts owed under any Singtel bill account, Singtel may terminate all Services, including BOB. In addition, I acknowledge that all outstanding charges billed by Singtel to date remains payable to Singtel. Upon termination, Singtel will cease to bill electricity charges and will transfer the billing arrangement, back to Geneco who will decide, at its discretion, whether to continue retailing electricity directly to me or transfer my electricity account back to Singapore Power at the regulated tariff.