Changes to 4G Mobile Excess Data Charges (from 16 September 2013)                                                

Experience the benefits of surfing at up to 10 times the 3G speed on the first and only 150Mbps 4G dual-band nationwide mobile network in Singapore. Singtel has been putting in the effort to ensure that you experience the best, no matter where you are.

The 4G promotional rate of $5.35/GB for local data used beyond your monthly bundle has ended on 15 Sep 2013. $10.70/GB (capped at $188/month) applies from
16 Sep 2013. Continue to enjoy the rate of $5.35/month with our DataMore(1GB) service. Sign up now and enjoy first 6 months free subscription (12-month contract). Dial *MORE (*6673) to find out more.

There are two easy and convenient ways for you to check your data usage at any time:

  1. Via My Singtel app - available free from Apple App Store, Google Play, and BlackBerry App World.
  2. By dialing *3283 (*DATA) - you will receive an SMS reply with your current usage.

We will also notify you via SMS whenever you have used 80% and 100% of your data bundle.

Changes to Bill Presentment (from 1 November 2012)                                                


Q1. What are the changes?

a) From 1 Nov 2012, the bill will show the nett chargable amount for all usages after offsetting against the free bundles under the plan (eg Free 100 mins, Free 12 GB data, Free 500 SMS, etc). This will be shown together with the total usage volume. If the usage is within the free bundle limit, the amount will be $0.00.

b) The free bundles (eg Free 100 mins, etc) which customers are entitled to will be printed below the Service Number. If the free bundle is new or expiring on the bill, the start / end date will be printed. This is to help our customers to be aware of their entitlements.

The following shows the current and new bill layout for different services :

Mobile Plan

Current Layout 

New Layout


In this illustration, there is an excess charge of $1.35
         Total Outgoing Call Usage Charge
         Outgoing Local Airtime Calls + Outgoing Local Video Calls
         = $35.40 (for 236 mins) + $10.95 (for 73 mins)
         = $46.35 (for 309 mins)
         Free Bundle Entitlement
         100 mins Local Outgoing Calls + 200 mins Birthday Treats (Outgoing Calls to ST)
         = $15 (for 100 mins) + $30 (for 200 mins)
         = $45 (for 300 mins)
         Excess Charge = $46.35 (for 309 mins) - $45 (for 300 mins)
         Excess Charge = $1.35
         Note: Local Talktime is charged based on an initial block of 1 minute and subsequent blocks of 6 seconds rounded to the nearest cent on a per call basis.


In this illustration, there is an excess charge of $7.50
         Total SMS Usage Charge
         =950 x $0.05
         =$47.50 (for 950 messages)
         Free Bundle Entitlement
         800 x $0.05
         = $40 (for 800 messages)
         Excess Charge = $47.50 -$40
         Excess Charge = $7.50
         Note: Local SMS is charged at 5 cents per SMS

Mio TV

Current Layout

New Layout


Q2. Why change?

a) To improve bill clarity as there is a lot of feedback from our customers that they felt the bills are too complicated to match the discounts to the charges.  

b) Often customers complain over the bill shock when they see the huge usage charge before the discounts.   

Q3. Is the change applicable to all the usages with free bundle?

Yes. Currently we have already implemented nett off presentment for Local Mobile Data and Data Roaming charges. This change is to standardise our bill presentment. 

Q4. How will customers know how much they used or their savings?

Based on customers' feedback, they are only interested to know their excess charge. The total volume is printed together with the nett chargable amount for customers to monitor their usage.

Consumer customers can refer to the Bill Explainer @ for detailed explanation.

Q5. Why are there still rebates reflected under Discounts & Rebates section?

These are discounts on the remaining usage charges (eg. 15% Discount on v019 Calls) which are applied after netting off the free usage bundles (eg. Free X minutes, etc) which customer is entitled to based on the plan/service subscribed.

Q6. How do customers obtain the gross value of the call charges?

Customer can subscribe to mobile calls details for their local Airtime and local SMS chargeable at $5.35 (incl GST) per mobile number. Alternatively, they can get them free by signing up for electronic bill @ ONEPASS.