Revolutionising how warehouses work

Automation = efficiency + accuracy

Accenture and Singtel’s expertise in 5G, end-to-end capabilities and vast ecosystems made them the ideal partners for Zuellig Pharma. 5G can deliver more data at greater speed and lower latency, transmitting information in real time and enabling the kind of automation Zuellig Pharma needed. And Singtel’s GENIE, the world’s first portable 5G platform, makes experimentation possible.

The possibilities are endless

The entire end-to-end solution demonstrates the unique power of Accenture’s scale and reach, with diverse groups of specialists collaborating to create innovative solutions at every step, from conception to delivery.

In addition, AR Vision Picking and Drone Inventory Management made Zuellig Pharma’s warehouse operations more data-driven and automated. The solution improved efficiency, throughput and inventory visibility and was well-received by Zuellig Pharma’s pickers on the front lines in the warehouse.

improvement in pick productivity

pick accuracy

Overall increase in safety

improvement in counting speed

counting accuracy

"5G has enabled our warehouse operations to be more efficient, productive, transparent and flexible. Its adaptability can help to support Zuellig Pharma’s evolving needs as we continue to make healthcare more accessible to the communities we serve.”

Maikel Kuijpers
Executive Vice President Distribution at Zuellig Pharma

"There’s no question that 5G is the key to truly transforming manufacturing and warehouse operations for the future. This is just the beginning.”

Dennis Wong
Vice President, Enterprise 5G & Platforms, Singtel

"GENIE’s ability to upend industries can’t be overstated. Its portability means that any company can experiment…and experience the true power of connected operations for themselves.”

Martin Wiktorin
President & Country Manager for Ericsson Singapore,
Brunei, Philippines & Pacific Islands

"The results of this 5G powered ‘warehouse of the future’ proof of concept speak for themselves, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing more rewarding than when innovation is the result of true collaboration with our clients and partners.”

Pankaj Chopra
Managing Director, Global Accenture Partner for Singtel Group

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