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  • Having a mobile workforce offers several benefits, but it also leads to increased security vulnerability, with a greater chance of succumbing to cyberattacks.
  • Companies must educate their employees on the need to secure their data from external threats. It is imperative to impress upon your workforce the risks of public wi-fi spots and USBs, as well as opening unfamiliar email links.
  • Employees must utilise multifactor authentication for all logins, even on their personal mobile devices. Companies must likewise have a clear plan for lost or stolen devices.
  • A reliable mobile device protection solutions such as ZoneAlarm effectively protects the data of a company's mobile workforce.

1. Educate your employees on the risks

2. Discourage employees from clicking on unfamiliar email links

3. Use multi-factor authentication for corporate devices

4. Develop a plan for lost devices

5. Use mobile protection solutions such as Singtel Mobile Protection

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