Key takeaways

  • SMBs are a common target for malicious cybercriminals and are the targets of over 40% of cyberattacks in Singapore.
  • The current cybersecurity policies enacted by SMBs are woefully insufficient and the rise of remote work has only made these problems more pronounced.
  • Singtel’s comprehensive Security-as-a-Service can help SMBs easily close security gaps across all business, management, and communication platforms that companies rely on to deliver their services to their customers.

Why SMBs have struggled to protect remote workers from cybercriminals

What Security-as-a-Service is and why it is the right solution for SMBs

1. Firewalls allow remote employees to safely connect to crucial business applications

2. Next-generation endpoint protection gives businesses the ability to react to security vulnerabilities effectively and efficiently

3. Email security facilitates collaboration while preventing the loss of sensitive business information

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