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Singtel Managed Hosting

Amidst stiffer healthcare compliance and heightened expectations, the ability to access critical information, when and where you need it, is imperative for any medical provider. While deploying on-premise infrastructure can address these data demands, it can be cost-prohibitive.

Singtel Data Centre is a more sustainable solution. Offering full redundancy in power supply and backup, our state-of-the-art facility is designed to be highly resilient, secure and energy-efficient to address emergencies, including potential data loss.

  • Minimal capital investments for award-winning world-class infrastructure
  • Certifications: SS507, BCA Green Mark Gold, ISO27001
  • High resiliency with uninterrupted power source & cooling redundancy
  • 24 X 7 physical security, contactless access system, rack locking systems and digital recording surveillance cameras
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Singtel Managed Cloud Hosting

Singtel Public Cloud (AWS) gives you access to unlimited IT capacity without having to invest heavily on IT procurement, upgrades and systems operations. That means you can move data in out of your private infrastructure with ease to respond to the urgent and rapidly changing demands of the healthcare industry.

Part of this offering is Liquid-Sky Lite, an innovative, hybrid cloud management tool that enables you to automate and orchestrate workloads across multiple cloud environments. Effectively, it gives you the ability to handle a surge in demand for compute power as and when you need it, as well as to forecast and control IT spend.

  • Deployed within our Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Centres for high levels of resiliency and security
  • Flexibility to increase your IT resources as your business grows
  • Save on IT infrastructure investments and labour costs
  • Single portal to easily control and monitor how your resources are used
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