Q1: Is it possible to pre-test to or from the new ranges?

A: Currently this is not possible.

Q2: Is there any outage or downtime associated with this change?

A: No, this is an addition to infrastructure and there is no anticipated outage. However, you must complete the changes described before the go-live date to ensure continuity of email service.

Q3: Will the service capabilities change because of this migration?

A: No, there will be no functional changes. Trustwave anticipates that using Azure to host infrastructure will deliver operational advantages in scalability, performance, and reliability going forward. Other regional instances of MailMarshal Cloud have been running in the Azure environment for some years.

Q4: Can customers change to other Azure regions?

A: This change is specifically for the US instance of MailMarshal Cloud. Other MailMarshal Cloud instances are located in Europe and Australia. Customers wishing to move to a different instance should contact their account representative.

Q5: Will the older infrastructure be decommissioned?

A: Yes, at a later date to be announced.

Q6: Will MailMarshal Cloud management websites and services be moved to Azure?

A: Yes, at a later date to be announced.

Q7: How can I keep informed?

A: Trustwave posts service notifications on the MailMarshal Cloud portal. Log in regularly to see the latest notifications. You can access MailMarshal Cloud documentation here.