5G@Sentosa – Powering 5G adoption and ecosystem acceleration in Singapore

5G@Sentosa – Powering 5G adoption and ecosystem acceleration in Singapore

Paving the way for 5G innovation

Backed by the Singtel 5G network and edge cloud infrastructure, 5G@Sentosa is the key platform to develop the 5G eco-system and create a 5G innovation hub in the region, driving 5G-powered innovation and applications rollout on a mass scale.

Use cases

Drone flights for site inspections

• Real-time live video streaming for quality control on building installations

• Remote site inspections on 5G MEC enhances site safety.

• Exacerbate decision making for rectification works with real time data transmission.

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Autonomous robotics with 3D LiDAR scanning

• Fully autonomous robots with mounted 3D laser scanners

• Real-time remote scanning and route planning

• Reduces human intervention and labour-intensive manpower on site

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Teleoperations of autonomous vehicles

• Real-time sensors and video data transmission

• Remote operation with 180-degree frontal image, vehicle simulation and haptic feedback.


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Mixed Reality (MR) overlay with Building Information Modelling (BIM)

• Real-time BIM data on site for comparisons can be made easily between virtual modes

• Enables real-time validation, progress tracking, site audit and inspections.


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