5G use cases and industry applications

Industry 4.0 up and running

Industry 4.0 applications

Smart technology applications will change the way manufacturing shop floors operate. Use cases include root cause analysis, digital workforce, sustainable manufacturing, video analytics, preventative maintenance and asset management will factor productivity and efficiency needs.

Teleoperations at work

Operations and maintenance

Successful tests in the construction sector help develop remote operations of equipment and improve worker safety. Other use cases across the transportation, and logistics and supply chain sectors include using automated guided vehicles plus fleet- and freight-management to drive efficiency and minimise errors.

Seamless operations and maintenance

Remote and autonomous operation of equipment

Expect smooth operation with predictive maintenance and procedures around smart buildings, built environment, construction, managing facilities, ports and other freight handling facilities, including the use of drones and robotics.

Immerse in augmented and virtual reality

Augmented and virtual reality use

Media and entertainment, government and public services, and energy and utilities use cases exhibit high readiness and value through the use of UHD 4K video, immersive realities, and AI-powered intelligence. These can also be applied to field service, especially in training and education sectors.

Let us help you break down the game plan with a step-by-step approach

It starts with finding the ‘right’ use case, through identifying and quantifying 5G use cases.


Build comprehensive cost models that will help you evaluate the potential outcome of the total cost of ownership and support your ROI account. It will also help you outline the investment milestones needed and the projected financial commitment to see the project through. 

Business outcomes

Examine the crucial points of a use case to the business, such as security and scalability, that are required to deliver the value of the data from the use case back to the business. 


Evaluate workloads and the kind of data traversing the network for the particular use case, and if they require the mobility, latency and capacity that 5G provides. 


Consider the broader ecosystem required to derive the maximum value from your investments for both the short and long term sustainability. Bringing together a 5G use case is not just a matter of connecting endpoints to some location, but requirements around network and endpoint management, and redundancy must be considered to continually increase the value of the solution to the business. 

Begin with the end in mind

At Singtel, we are here to help you envision your path towards integrating 5G into your business operations.

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