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The force of 5G. Singapore's first 5G SA network

Our 5G Standalone (SA) network offers the most advanced 5G connectivity. Our campus networks with dedicated 5G radios and edge core help support local breakouts and give better coverage. For many, this is the true game changer to activate Industry 4.0 and revolutionary applications.

Scalable networks

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to enterprise networking. Our 5G technology can deliver the flexibility to cater to different missions, needs, and equip businesses with scalability and agility.

5G Multi-access edge computing (MEC)

5G’s ability to transmit ultra-fast data with ultra-low latency, combined with a reliable network, is set to power the next wave of interactive applications. Driven by MEC, 5G will unleash exciting opportunities for many industries, and pave the way for groundbreaking technologies to emerge.

Robust ecosystem partnership

We are building an ecosystem of strong industry players, application developers and solution providers to enable the commercial, holistic application of 5G technology and applications. Enterprises can derive strategic benefits with faster time to market and access to data-driven services.

Leading the 5G transformation for business

We have the know-how and experience in 5G for businesses, pioneering industry use cases with our partners. Our 5G Garage, Singapore’s first live 5G facility, gives enterprises the launch pad to test 5G before roll-out. 

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