Our network advantage for your cyber resilience

Singtel integrates networking and security to protect vital assets and connectivity, enabling seamless transformation that drives growth.

Support uninterrupted business growth with network-based cyber security

Cyber resilience for hyperconnected enterprises

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Our agile approach to securing your digital enterprise

Solutions that work hand-in-hand to address your capability needs for cyber risk management.
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Global visibility & scale, local presence & capabilities

Get holistic protection for your enterprise

Transform confidently with Singtel

Our network-based security solutions protect your business as you innovate and grow.

Quick & efficient response

Make fast and informed decisions to eliminate complex threats across a wider threat surface ⁠– before they happen.

Save time & money

Investing in cyber security ensures resource efficiency in the long run.

Hands-on expertise

Gain clarity and advanced industry knowledge with a global team of experienced cyber specialists.

Unmatched competencies

Tap on Singtel’s resources with qualified research, expert penetration testers and over 140 years of network experience.

Robust global network IT infrastructure

Leverage over 70 global strategic network partnerships and 428 points-of-presence in 362 cities, including Japan, China, the US and UK.

Innovation forerunner

Winner of the SC Media Innovation Award and recognised by three leading research firms ⁠– Gartner, IDC and Forrester ⁠– demonstrating a record for being an industry leader.

Proactive protection with advanced network-based security

Awards and accolades

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