What is Singtel Private Cloud?

Singtel Private Cloud services is a portfolio of hyper-converged, converged and custom infrastructure solutions that deliver the highest resilience and availability.  Our enterprise-grade hardware, network and storage gives you the flexibility to meet business requirements while reducing cost.


Dedicated infrastructure

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Delivery over a range of technology platforms.


virtual private server

Cloud-enabled performance delivered over industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs), consoles and catalogues.


virtual private cloud infrastructure

Opt to own your infrastructure, have it managed by Singtel at your site, or host at a Singtel Data Centre using a consumption-based model.


OPEX-based pricing model

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Lower total cost of ownership with a more agile operating expense-driven model and access to shared resources.

Scale rapidly and securely

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Ability to rapidly and securely scale ICT resources whenever needed.

Stay ahead of the curve

virtual private servers

Stay ahead with access to the latest technology related to cloud services.

Unique business requirements

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Suitable for organisations of all sizes including small remote branch offices. Supports VDI solutions through to large scale single application deployments such as ERP systems and other critical workloads.

Hybrid cloud ready

Hybrid cloud server

Embark on your hybrid cloud journey by leveraging Singtel's private cloud.

Strict compliance and sovereignty requirements

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Ideal for enterprises with highly sensitive data and applications. Need high performance, consistency and low latency, as well as control and oversight of IT assets.

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