NCS Application Modernisation with Cloud Migration provides consultancy services to enterprises seeking modernisation of their legacy applications for migration to the cloud. From strategising and design to building and operations, the NCS professional services team will guide your organisation to successfully modernise applications for operations on the cloud.

Areas of focus

Containerisation and microservices

Containerisation and Microservices



Cloud application architecture


Technical stack recommendations


Cloud optimisation services

Cloud Application Optimisation Services

Modernisation strategies

Modernisation Strategies

Key components of a modernised application

NCS end-to-end consultancy is designed to  help enterprises rethink every aspect of how their business is using technology. The NCS application modernisation framework provides guidance to navigate the complexities of app modernisation to ensure a successful outcome. Typical considerations for building a modernised application are:


  • With data privacy and protection, managing workloads across on-premise and cloud is a growing concern. Modernisation of the app design opens it for a span of environments, and provides application owners with a single control point for easy management of workloads 


  • NCS has vast experience in delivering applications for both government and private sectors, providing an extensive knowledge base in designing applications that adhere to regulations and compliance
  • Provides consultancy on how best to design and configure applications in the cloud to meet these compliances and regulations

Data architecture

  • Data design is an important aspect in modern application as there is more interactions between applications on premise and those in the cloud. Consideration for data placement and security becomes crucial to ensure data availability and security


Cloud application security

  • Provides end-to-end security consultancy encompassing all aspects of application modernisation and application deployment in the cloud, to ensure security considerations are fully in place across every phase from development to operations
  • Implements the processes and tools for DevSecOps

Application tech stack design

  • Familiarity with the government-defined technical stack and industry best practices and tools allows NCS to help assess the technical tools that should be implemented to best fit business needs and operational requirements

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