Reduce complexity and accelerate your business with the flexibility, security, resiliency, and performance of Singtel Private Cloud

Modernise your IT infrastructure with Singtel Private Cloud solutions to get results faster while simplifying your IT management. Ensure consistent operations with consistent infrastructure architecture across Private and Public Clouds for a seamless Hybrid Cloud experience.

With Singtel Private Cloud services, you can:

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Build your own dedicated Private Cloud environment with the latest converged and hyper-converged technologies. Reduce your Data Centre footprint and power consumption, while leveraging your existing IT skillsets and management tools.

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Increase business agility and accelerate time to market, with reduced business risk and optimised Cloud economics.

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Extend your IT operating environment to the Public Cloud. Move workloads between Private and Public Clouds seamlessly for rapid scalability or Disaster Recovery.


Converged Infrastructure (CI)

Combine servers, converged storage, networking and data protection into one integrated platform with pre-validated CI designs to reduce costs, increase agility and maximise compatibility.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)


Turnkey integrated systems, or continue to use existing operating models while gaining HCI benefits through flexible, pre-validated software-defined HCI infrastructure that virtualises all of the elements of conventional "hardware-defined" systems.

Software Defined Virtual Private Cloud


Singtel’s software defined Virtual Private Cloud is a multi-tenanted Private Cloud with secure logical isolation of Tenants, where deployment, operation, provisioning and configuration are abstracted from the hardware and all infrastructure elements -- networking, storage, CPU and security -- are virtualised and delivered as a service.

Hybrid Cloud


Seamlessly extend your Private Cloud environment to the Public Cloud, while maintaining your network and security policies. Leverage the functionality and elasticity of the Public Cloud without the need to refactor your applications. Run your Disaster Recovery environment on the Public Cloud for increased resiliency and rapid failover & failback capabilities.


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Greater control and flexibility - Use the resources when you need them and pay on your terms.

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Accelerate transformation - Our Cloud consultants help to assess your applications for Cloud suitability, create roles and processes for your new Cloud operating model.

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Gain efficiencies - We monitor, manage and optimise your Private Cloud infrastructure so you can focus on strategic projects and growing your business.

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