The ultimate platform for cloud agility​.

Singtel Software-defined Infrastructure delivers standardised management and operations, one-click simplicity, and intelligent automation. 
All to build the optimal cloud deployment from the best public and private clouds.​

Faster, cost-effective migration to the cloud.

Successfully migrate cloud or server deployments with an intelligent, pattern-based workflow system for seamless server modernisation to meet budgets and time constraints. Singtel Re-platforming Solution enables faster modernisation of Windows and Linux systems. Automated and agentless discovery allows deployment of existing applications to a target cloud or modern infrastructure while avoiding common migration pitfalls.



Reduced migration time and cost

Cuts project timeframes dramatically with automated assessments that rapidly identify applications. ​

Automated migration tasks

Customisable automation for complete control and flexibility, converting file systems or moving 32-bit applications to a 64-bit environment.

Effective re-platforming ​

Takes away the need for installation files. Application files are managed separately from the operating system. ​

Avoid common pitfalls

A comprehensive suite of migration tools offers analysis, reporting, and remediation to resolve potential conflicts during re-platforming.

Low migration risks ​

Lowers migration risks further with the absence of agents or client software while providing complete visibility and granular configuration. ​

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