Seamless transition to IPv6 addresses

IPv6 is an Internet Protocol addressing system that identifies devices across the internet so they can be located. Every device on the internet is identified through its own IP address. With the growth of the internet, smartphones and now Internet of Things devices, IPv4 addresses are running out, and companies should transit to IPv6 before the cost of maintaining IPv4 addresses increase.


Smooth migration

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Minimise disruption to your business by using a transition plan that is tailored for you.

Continued service availability

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Enables new capabilities such as embedded security, simplified network configurations and IoT applications.

Dual-stack solution

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Available on SingNet's business broadband and Enterprise Internet services.

Who is this for?

Businesses that are transiting from IPv4 to IPv6 standards. Based on dual-stack and tunnelling approach, Singtel ensures a smooth transition for your organisation based on both IPv4 and IPv6 standards until you have fully transitioned to IPv6.