Increase efficiency and compliance for business messages and calls.

Singtel MultiLine enables you to eliminate your communication data silos, communicate compliantly, and connect to your critical workflows to deliver superior client experiences.


Carrier-grade quality


Patented technology ensures the highest service quality globally, across all communication channels (cellular, data, and WiFi) and carrier networks.

Enhance productivity


Optimise your CRM experience, streamline workflows, and increase productivity with seamless integration between your MultiLine solution and CRM.

Seamless integration


Build a best-in-class communication stack by seamlessly integrating a secure communication layer across critical business tools.

Derive client insights efficiently


Automatically capture client communications inside CRM. This fosters deeper client relationships and powers insights on communications data.


Call controls


Supports Do Not Disturb, call blocking, call transfer, three-way conference, sequential dialing, simultaneous ring and more.

Multi-functional controls


Supports three-way conference, simultaneous ring, scheduling of calls to go to business voicemail after working hours, and more.

Business voice


Provides a separate business number on a personal or corporate device through an application. Work over any device with built-in productivity and compliance features.

Business text messaging


Communicate with your clients on preferred channels to increase satisfaction and engagement.

Voice and text capture


Built-in voice and text capture keeps official records of conversations, which complies with industry regulations and helps improve customer service.