Peace of mind


Our teleports are located in Singapore, a politically stable and disaster-free country which brings peace of mind for your business operations. Access high-performance and secure connectivity with Singtel’s state-of-the art infrastructure.

Grow your business


Singtel provides teleport services which are customised to your growing connectivity needs with ample outdoor and indoor space to host your equipment as your business grows.

Secure and reliable


Singtel is the leading provider of secure and reliable satellite services. Our stable and well-equipped teleports ensure that your equipment is protected at all times.

Ensure Optimal Satellites Tracking


Our wealth of experience in monitoring and controlling satellites make us the satellite teleport of choice in managing your telemetry as well as in-orbit and de-orbit drifting services.


High quality & certified


Singtel is committed to providing high quality and resilient teleport hosting services for your business. Our teleports are ISO certified for network management and information security management. We are accredited to full Tier 4 by the World Teleport Association (WTA).

Commercial flexibility


We can provide timely and economical solutions for your hosting needs with flexible price schemes to meet your long-term business goals.

Business continuity


Our teleports are fiber-interconnected and well-connected to an extensive terrestrial network and international submarine cables. They are also equipped with two diversity power feeds from Singapore Power, backed up with failover generators and dual-feed uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

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