Compatible with all airtime providers

data centres

An independent email solution that offers the choice to use your preferred airtime provider, and still be able keep the same email addresses and email client.

Unlimited crew mailboxes

data centres

Email accounts can be provided to crew at no extra fee to stay in contact with their family and friends.

Cater to meet maritime business needs

data centres

Come with a list of comprehensive features at a competitive price to significantly improve efficiency for the company.


IRIS scanning service


State of the art multiple scanning engines that operates at different timezones to scan all incoming attachments before an infection reaches the vessel, and possibly reduce the infection to zero.

Free backup on all incoming and outgoing emails


Provides an extra layer of security for peace of mind. This feature is available at no extra cost.

Easy web portal control


The web portal allows you to create mailboxes, configure restrictions for inbound and outgoing emails which enables shipowners to easily manage the email settings of vessels.

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