Enter Singtel Loyalty Solution for Businesses

In partnership with Mobile.Cards, gain access to a turnkey solution for your business to boost revenue and increase customer affinity.


Ready-to-use service

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No starting from scratch required, and no IT knowledge needed.

Digital transformation

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Your customers can simply scan a QR code to join as members and redeem points.


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Send unlimited push messages to your customers at no additional cost.

Boost customer engagement

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Drive higher customer lifetime value.

Understanding Singtel Loyalty Solution in 2 mins.

Singtel Loyalty Solution for Businesses powered by Mobile.Cards

Loyalty Solution

What’s in store for your business?

For your customers

  • Simplified membership registration
  • Instant reward points and redemption
  • Exclusive member offers

For your stores

  • Staff app with dedicated login
  • User-friendly membership system
  • Convenient QR code scanning to add or redeem points

For your marketing team

  • Export membership data with a few clicks
  • Launch promotions and push notifications
  • Gain insights from marketing promotions 

Why choose Singtel?


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Transform your business with trusted solution providers, handpicked by Singtel.

One-stop ICT service provider

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Oversee all aspects of your infocomm technology services, from setup to continuous support.

All-in-one Singtel bill

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Consolidate all your Singtel service bills for easy management and preferential prices.

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