Q. Who can apply for a standalone Business Digital Line (BDL)?

  • Standalone BDL is only offered to business customer in new commercial buildings that obtain TOP on/after 1 April 2018.
  • Customers in other commercial buildings can apply BDL only if they are eVolve customers.

Q. Can BDL be subscribed together with eLite Service?

A. BDL cannot co-exist with eLite Service. Only eVolve Service is able to co-exist with BDL

Q. Does BDL support fax? Security alarm and /or POS terminal?

A. Fax is supported on BDL. We recommend that the number of fax pages be kept below 10 pages per fax session.

Like all communications over internet, faxing is dependent of network conditions. Faxing across other operators network, including overseas, is not within Singtel’s control

In general, fax machines have to comply to ITU-T Group 3 or Super Group 3 protocol and configure to work at 9600 bps

Q. Does BDL support security alarm or POS terminal?

A. In general, BDL can support security alarm and POS terminal. As these devices are not provided by Singtel, we recommend that the customer to check with their vendors on the interworking with BDL

Q. How many BDL could I apply for one premise?

A. There is no limit on the maximum number of lines that can be subscribed.

Customer applying more than 2 lines should consider BizVoice instead. BizVoice offers richer features 

Q. What the VASes that are available on BDL?


  • Caller-ID
  • Call Forwarding (note: different name from DEL)
  • Call Waiting
  • Phone Lock
  • 3-Way Call
  • Calling Number Non-Display
  • Unlisted Number (free)

Q. Can BDL support hunting facility?

A. Hunting facility is not available at this moment as Pegasus is not ready to support the feature. Recommend customer to take up BizVoice instead. In worst case scenario, offer Call Forwarding instead of hunting

Q. With BDL, do I need to purchase special telephone set?

A. All standard telephone sets could work with BDL.

Q. I have existing wiring in my office. Can it be used for BDL?

A. As BDL’s connection point is at the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), the existing wiring in office cannot be used for this purpose. Any internal wiring required has to be wired from the ONT. Suggest to customer to make use of DECT Phone instead.

Q. Why is BDL more expensive than Business DEL?

A. BDL offers unlimited local call traffic on the line. It is not more expensive as it covers both line and traffic charges

Q. Will BDL work when there is a power outage in my office?

A. BDL’s ONT needs to be powered by electricity. It will not work if there is a power outage

Q. What is the difference between DEL and BDL?

A. Both services serve the same functions. DEL is served via copper infrastructure while BDL is via fibre infrastructure