Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is Multi-SIM service?

Multi-SIM is a mobile add-on that allows you the convenience of using one mobile number across multiple handsets or devices. 

Q. Why are we closing this service?

•        Multi-SIM is based on the 3G circuit-switched voice technology; hence voice service will not be available when 3G network is phased out.

•        Multi-SIM users are also not able to sign up for 5G VAS, as 5G supports only the newer IP-based VoLTE voice service (Example: HD Voice, Wifi Calling, and NumberShare).

•        Singtel has stopped selling Multi-SIM since 2014 in view of the technology limitation. As Singtel moves towards offering our full base with 5G services, it is imperative for Singtel to plan for the closure of Multi-SIM, to streamline and offer new services.

Q. When will this service be closed?

Multi-SIM service will be closed with effect from 31 July 2022.

Q. What is the alternative service?

The alternative service we currently have is MobileShare Supplementary line. It is the closest alternative Singtel currently provides. MobileShare allows you to continue sharing your talk time, local data and SMS with your main line. Each main line can be tagged with up to 3 MobileShare lines. Should you already have 3 x MobileShare lines, we will provide SIM Only plan as the alternative. Both MobileShare and SIM Only lines come with a separate service number.

Q. Since you are closing the Multi-SIM service from 31 July 2022, can I still use the service before its closure date?

You are strongly encouraged to switch out now to avoid unforeseen interruption to your mobile line. You will also have to make an extra trip to Singtel shops to make the switch at a later date if you do not switch now.