Q. What are the local and v019 call charges if I sign-up for Free v019 60 minutes to 8 destinations?

A. Every time you make a call to any of the 8 destinations, the calls will be deducted from both your local mobile bundled minutes (Combo Plan Local Airtime Minutes) and Free v019 60 minutes bundled minutes.

Excess minutes will be charged based on local call charges under your mobile plan and payable v019 at prevailing rates based on the calling destination.

For business customers that have a v019 call plan, excess minutes will be charged according to their call plan.

Q. Can I terminate the Free v019 60 minutes service anytime? Is there a pre termination charge?

A. There is a minimum subscription period of 3 months. Upon early termination, the minimum 3-month subscription charge will be billed to you. Normal pro-rated billing charges apply if the service is terminated after the third month.

Q. I am currently paying $8.56 a month for another value added service (VAS) called Free v019 Calls, can I sign up to the Free v019 60 minutes service?

A. No. A customer can only subscribe to one v019 value added service (VAS).

Q. Does this Free v019 60 minutes VAS at $2.50 include prevailing GST?

A. There is no GST for v019 and it will be at a flat rate of $2.50 a month.