Q. What is IDD 001 service?

A. IDD 001 is Singtel's premium grade international direct dial call service that gives clear, reliable and instant connection to destinations worldwide.

Q. How are IDD 001 calls charged?

A. IDD 001 calls are charged in 60-seconds block.

Q. How do I use the service to make international calls?

A. Just follow these simple steps:

Q. Do I need to pay any registration fees or monthly subscription?

A. No.

Q. How long does it take to activate Singtel IDD facility?

A. If your application is approved, your Singtel IDD facility will be activated the working day after we receive your application form.

Q. How will I be charged if I use Singtel international call services on my StarHub/M1 line?

A. Charging will be according to your usage of Singtel international call services.

Q. How can I be assured that I will be billed accurately for my overseas calls?

A. Your monthly bill will list all overseas calls made within the billing cycle. It will include detailed information like date and time of call, the overseas number called, the duration of each call, and the cost incurred for each call. If you have questions about your bill, please call 1688.

Q. Who do I call if I have a question or wish to report a fault?

A. You can call the following toll-free numbers:

Business: 1606
Consumer: 1688

Fault Reporting
Fixed Lines: 1608
Business Mobile Lines: 1606
Consumer Mobile Lines: 1688

Q. When will the access code 004 cease?

A. IDD access code 004 will cease effective 1 April 2010.

Q. Is customers inform of this?

A. Yes, we will place a Notice on our website (effective 1 Sept 2009). We will send letters each month to all customers who have used the Service from March 2009 to date. (I.e. from Mar 09 to Mar 2010). Letters will be sent from the month of October 2009. Business customers who have used the Service from March 2009 to date will be informed by their Account Managers.

Q. What happens when customer dials 004 after 31 Mar 2010?

A. Customers will receive a voice announcement to advise that that the service is no longer available.

Q. Why is the CDA service no longer offered?

A. As part of a periodic review of the International Telephone services, it is no longer viable to support the service due to continued low usage. In addition, as we are replacing our Switching Equipment, our vendors are not able to support CDA service.

Q. I need the CDA, is there another alternative?

A. There is no alternative service that caters to CDA. Currently, no other Operator (FBO) in Singapore provides this service.

Q. Without the CDA, how do I know the duration of the call(s) that I have made?

A. Please refer to your Singtel bill. Details of date and time of call(s), called number(s) and duration are available in the bill.

Q. How will the removal affect 004 customers?

A. Customers will still be able to make International calls via IDD 001 service.