Q. Why do I need Singtel International Toll Free Service (ITFS)?

A. To gain global presence by extending your reach to customers all over the world.

Q. Can I apply for more than one ITFS number for Inbound ITFS?

A. Yes. You can apply for as many ITFS numbers per country as you wish. For example, you may apply for one ITFS number for voice calls and another for faxes.

Q. How many UIFN numbers can I apply for?

A. You can apply for only one UIFN number per company.

Q. What happens if there is a power failure at my premises?

A. We will route your calls to another location in the event of power failures or other emergencies by Emergency Routing Service. Customer has to apply for the service in advance.

Q. My office is only open during office hours. What features does ITFS have to support my business after office hours?

A. Singtel ITFS Advanced Features can help manage your calls more efficiently. By routing calls to another location or number after office hours, the Time and Day Manager solves the problem of maintaining 24-hours operations.

Q. Can I retain my number if my office shifts to new premises?

A. Yes.

Q. How many ITFS do I need to apply for China?