Relocation Services

There are many things to consider when you are planning to relocate your office. We’re here to help you make your move a smooth and happy one. Here's the list of relocation services that we offer to help ease your office move.

Business Digital Services

Application lead time: 30 days

Please apply using our Online Relocation Form (please click here).

Business Analogue Lines

Application lead time: 5 days

Email to:

Charges (Incl. 9% GST):

1. Planning

  • Give your team a headstart by starting 6 months before
  • Assign at least one personnel to coordinate the move

2. Prepare technology refresh

  • Review your current IT and Telecommunication inventory to see if this is sufficient for your new office 
  • Obtain your current list of IT and Telecommunication contracts
  • Review what additional equipment you need or need to dispose of, or refresh
  • Do you need to outsource any of the existing on-site facilities?
  • Create a list of equipment or telecommunication services you need to upgrade (e.g. laptops, servers, firewalls. etc.)

3. Conduct site visit

  • Review floor plan and configuration plan with IT and telecommunications provider
  • Assess voice and data network
          i.     Review phone line capacity and see if you need to add lines
          ii.    Are you changing any phone numbers or retaining them?
          iii.   What kind of phone system is best for your company? Consider expansion in the next 1-3 years
          iv.   Would you like to maintain an on-premise phone system or migrate to cloud-based IP-PBX?
          v.    Would you like to integrate mobility features and instant messaging to fixed mobile convergence?
          iv.   Review if internet bandwidth is sufficient
          vi.    Confirm the requirements of your server room (layout, electrical, cooling)
          vii.   Contact service providers for quotations
          viii.  Order services in advance
          ix.  Inform service providers on service commencement date. Do factor in a week in advance to
                 avoid unforeseen delays.
  • Assess network security
          i.     Review the security level you need for the new office
          ii.    Review your current data security network
  • Reaccess workforce mobility
          i.     If you are relocating to make your workforce mobile, consider equipment and in-phone applications 

4. Business continuity

  • Decide on how you need to back-up your critical company date
  • Consider temporary cloud back-up services or work areas
  • Test your continuity measures

5. Final preparation

  • Create and label your list of inventory to be moved
  • Inform employees to pack their equipment and shut down before the day of move
  • Prepare new office test plan