Eligibility and Nomination

Who are eligible for Singtel Circle benefits?
Customers who are subscribed to the following fibre bundles and have nominated their mobile lines are eligible:
I. mio Home
II. Fibre Entertainment Bundle
III. Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ (NEW)
What mobile plan do I need to be on to be eligible to nominate?
You will need to be on the following plans to nominate as a keyline or non-keyline:
I. Combo plan
II. Lite (with 2GB Local Data)
III. Value (with 3GB Local Data)
IV. Plus (with 4GB Local Data)
V. Prestige (with 12GB Local Data)
I would like to nominate, how can I do it?
You can submit a nomination via the following modes. To check if your nomination is successful, you may login to the Nomination portal.
I. Nomination portal: https://www.singtelshop.com/mobilenomination/nominationholder.jsf
II. Singtel shops
III. 1688
The Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ is subscribed under my name. Can I nominate another mobile line (which is not subscribed under my name) as the First Mobile Line (Keyline)?
No. Both the Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ and First Mobile line (Keyline) must be subscribed under the same customer ID.
I have nominated my mobile line successfully. When will I start to enjoy Free Data on Sundays?
If your nomination is successful between Monday to Saturday, you can start enjoying free data on Sunday of that same week. Any successful nomination on a Sunday, free data will be available to you on Sunday of the following week.
I have TOS my line and reconnected back 3 months later, will my mobile line be automatically be nominated to enjoy Singtel Circle benefits again?
For voluntary TOS, line nomination is ceased when you TOS your line. There is no automatic resume of the line nomination, and you will have to re-submit line nomination for re-evaluation of eligibility in order to resume Singtel Circle benefits.
I have transferred the ownership of my Singtel TV pack to my brother living in another house. I have 5 lines nominated, am I still entitled to Circle benefits?
No, all your nominated lines will be changed to be not eligible for Singtel Circle. Re-submission of nomination for 1 mobile line is required to enjoy 10% discount on the mobile plan monthly subscription.
My nominated line is currently subscribed to Value (with 3GB Local Data) mobile plan, am I eligible for Singtel Circle DataMore add-on or 50% off MobileShare Supplementary plan sign-up?
No. Promotion is only applicable for customers on Combo mobile plans.
I am currently subscribed to a DataMore add-on, can I also enjoy this Singtel Circle DataMore promotion?
No. Each Combo plan is eligible to sign up for one DataMore add-on.
Can I still continue to enjoy the promotional rate for DataMore add-on and MobileShare Supplementary line if I terminate nomination for my mobile line?
No. You will be paying for DataMore add-on and MobileShare Supplementary line monthly subscription at prevailing rate from the date you terminate the line nomination.
Can I still continue to enjoy the promotional rate for my DataMore add-on if I change my mobile plan from Combo plan to MobileShare Supplementary plan?
No. MobileShare Supplementary plan is not eligible to sign up for DataMore add-on and DataMore add-on will be terminated after you changed plan to MobileShare Supplementary plan. However, you can sign up for DataMore add-on with the main line linked to the MobileShare Supplementary plan if the main line is nominated and is subscribed to a Combo plan.
Will I be notified when I have successfully subscribed to Singtel Circle DataMore promotion?
No. To check if your DataMore add-on has been activated, please use My Singtel app. You should see that your total data bundle entitlement has increased. You can also go to "Add-Ons" tab for more information.
Is there any early termination penalty if I terminate Singtel Circle DataMore add-on or MobileShare Supplementary plan?
There is a minimum subscription period of 24 months. Early termination charges will apply.
How many MobileShare Supplementary lines can I sign up for my nominated mobile line?
You can sign up to a maximum of 3 supplementary lines.
What will happen if I transfer my mobile line (Main line) to someone else?
The MobileShare supplementary plan will be converted to Combo 1 plan at prevailing rates. Nomination for the main line will be terminated and all Circle benefits will cease.